What a Fool Believes–An April Edition

Happy APRIL 1st! Who’s ready to activate their dormant DNA?

As we have learned from my previous post, APRIL is a scRAM-BULLed LIbRA. To see how that ties in, click on the hyperlinks.

It’s the day of the FOOL…(A)pril FOOLs’ Day = a scRAM-BULLed ALOOF. Some FOOLs are simply ALOOF.

Synchronistically, my friend that recently moved to Florida shared a photo with me of a large alligator with a caption that read, “What a FOOL believes,” as a joke in reference to one of comedian Tony Baker’s voiceovers. The comedian has sung the song, “What a Fool Believes” by the (D)oobie (B)rothers, dubbing over the voice for an alligator.

DB = 42 and 4/2 is tomorrow, a.k.a. JuPiter Day. Today is THORsday or THOR‘S day or Jupiter day.

Jupiter’s glyph or sigil looks like the numbers 24 / 42 / 214 / 17 etc…

Speaking of doobies, this month we have Doobie Day, a.k.a. 4/20–another JewPiTaur Day. First day of TAURus, too!

Thank you for reading! It’s so great being back here and blogging again.



11 thoughts on “What a Fool Believes–An April Edition

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these downloads SynchroMiss! Both of these posts synched up well with my personal life. Last night my boyfriend’s cat was brushing up against the key board and she kept pressing ++++and —- for some reason the thought of her sending kisses came to my mind and I made a comment to my boyfriend saying it looks like she’s trying to send us x’s and o’s and then I made a joke that she was trying to tell us something through code. Then all of a sudden, your website came to mind. I remembered that you use +++++ in your writings and I quickly had an urge to visit your website. Today’s April Fools post is like a soundtrack to my life right now everything perfectly synched. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Rory for the activation!

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      • Hi I am new to your channel and I have to tell you that your work is mind blowing. I have been trying to decode a supposed murder case that went viral and I am having trouble decoding it. If I only had your knowledge it would have saved me almost 4 years. Many of the things I see in the case relate to what I have read on your blog but I can’t put it all together. The case is the Kenneka Jenkins/ aka kenneka Martin, a girl who was found dead in a freezer at Crowne Plaza O’hare in Chicago. If you could give me any decode on it please email me. I would greatly appreciate any feed back. Keep up the amazing work!!

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