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I AM the SynchroMiss planted on Earth, here to share my downloads, intel and code-cracking, integrating the art of synchronicity as we transition to a higher state of consciousness and awareness.

**SynchroMiss is an original blog created and written by Rory S. Exton. The material published here is copyright Rory S. Exton. The information you find here is free of charge and without advertising or agenda. Rory (SynchroMiss) has been blogging since 2012 and is an active member of the sync community who regularly shares her information on this blog and other online outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Blogger, and WordPress. If you like the information she shares, please feel free to not only follow her on any of the aforementioned sites, but also share her work with proper attribution to its source. It’s not cool to steal information! Thanks for stopping by!**





15 thoughts on “About SynchroMiss

  1. I came across your site when looking for Mark Gray postings (which I can’t find for some reason). Anyway, I’m checking in to see what you post, or think about, the Malaysian plan and Israel invasion today. This is just way too much coincidence.


  2. Damn. Your site is N’Sync (no JT). This is the Matrix Decoded, getting your Oracle on… I knew there was more than Nascar or Radar detectors to you… Congrats!!



  3. Hi there Rory, I found a painting.image you had used in one of your posts and wondered if you had created this our found it elsewhere. I’m asking as I like to use it in a cover page for a small article I wrote for person use.

    Is it royalty free?

    Thank you


  4. Hi! You syncs and decodes are incredible!! I have no idea how you figure this all out. Itn makes total sense to me once you decode it, but no Idea how I was so asleep to these synchronicities my whole life.

    I wanted to post about 3 people I’ve been suspicious of since the start of the pandemic and wondering if there’s anything there for you to decipher? I’ve tried decoding it myself but quickly realized I’m below rookie level compared to what you can do. I’m still on the fence if you’re actually human 🙂

    Here it goes, if there’s nothing there then just dismiss it – but if there is, feel free to use for a blog or whatever. I don’t need any/want any credit as I feel I owe you for all the work you’ve done already.

    Bill Gates, Mick Jagger & David Grohl

    Bill Gates
    Born Oct 28 1955 10:00 PM in Seattle

    Scorpio Sun
    Aries Moon
    Cancer Rising

    Windows 95 came out August 24th 1995 during a Waning Crescent Phase of the moon.
    This was the birth of the internet for home use.


    Mick Jagger
    Born July 26th 1943 02:30 AM
    Leo Sun
    Taurus Moon
    Gemini Rising
    SARSCOV1 started Feb 2003
    May 2003 Gates interview where he is getting into world health issues for the next 40 years. Fascinated his father was in Planned Parenthood (contradiction?) and says he’s allocating 95% of his wealth to help world health.
    – predicts in 20 years (2023 he will have multiple vaccines for AIDS)
    – Talks about Club of Rome’s prediction of food shortages (Club of Rome is behind Greta and Trudeau’s legal father was a member)
    – Says he will make mistakes but as he’s not a politician it’s a dead end trying to remove him.
    (need to scroll down to read Gate’s conversation)

    Mick Jagger has a SARS concert July 30, 2003
    (Mass ritual for success of first SARS test run?)
    Moon is in Leo and is a waxing crescent moon
    The first song they played was “Start me up”
    Months after SARSCOV1
    Mick was knighted on 12 December 2003
    Moon was in Waning Gibbous Phase
    Commander of the Order of the British Empire
    CBE 3rd highest level

    The announcement of Bill Gates knighthood was Jan 2004 (month after Jagger)
    Knighted on March 2004
    KBE. Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.2nd highest level
    Bill can’t be called SIR but can have KBE after his name
    In December 2004 Gates donated $48 million (47.5 x 2 = 95 maybe nothing?) to WHO in Geneva where WEF is headquartered and CERN will be built.


    Dec 31st 2019 – Capricorn

    David Grohl
    Capricorn Sun
    Sagittarius Moon
    Capricorn Rising

    Jagger (hero from SARSCOV1 does a song with David Grohl & in it sarcastically defends Bill Gates. might be more in unpack in this song.
    – Released on April 13, 2021
    – Aries moon, Waxing Moon Crescent day after new moon

    David Grohl mandates vaccine passport for shows in 2021

    Dave is in charge of the band, known to be dominating over bandmates, and discusses decision alone

    David Grohl has idea for horror movie
    Released Feb 25 2022 during Pieces

    Month later Drummer dies (I don’t like to bring this up but seems relevant)
    March 25 2022 Aries, exactly a month after the release of the movie

    I will need to watch this to see if there’s any disclosure & if David does go solo like in the movie. who knows?

    Thanks again – don’t spend any time on this if it seems too conspiracy theory-ish or waste of your energy.

    Keep up the great work!


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    • Hey! Thanks for commenting here. I like how you connected the three men and I’m sure there’s more and you are on to something here. Wondering if anyone else has anything to add to this? I’ll be keeping my eye on the three and will get back to you if I can connect more or add to these connections. 🙂


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