Think (P!)nk!

Happy Full (M)OO-(N) in scor(Pi)o everyone! This Particular moon is dubbed the “Full (Pi)nk¬†Moon. It syncs in nicely with the herb garden I had the pleasure of visiting at Allaire State Park last weekend. In the herb garden, there was a perennial called (Phl)(OX) and the Full Pink Moon was named¬†after the Herb Moss Pink or Ground Moss Phlox.


This is the Ground Moss Phlox in (Pi)nk that I saw at the park last weekend.

Allaire State Park is in MoNmouth (MOONmouth/neckTaurus) County-(COW-nty). Taurus rules the neck and throat and is the zodiac sign that enjoys eating (mouth).


The is the herb garden at ALLAIR-e State Park. The Ground Phlox is outside of this (Pi)cTAURe.

(N)icki (M)inaj has an album called PINK FRIDAY. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and the (M)oo(N) will still be FULL.

(N)icki (M)inaj has an album called PINK FRIDAY. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and the (M)oo(N) will still be FULL. Check out the (Pi)nk FLOWERS and the MUSHROOMS in this photo!

This is Nicki Minaj's latest fragrance/perfume which is typically derived from FLOWERS.

This is Nicki Minaj’s latest fragrance/perfume “PINK FRIDAY” which is typically derived from FLOWERS.

Nicki Minaj teamed up with MAC--> (=13.1.3) Cosmetics to create her own "Viva Glam" limited edition lipstick in the color PINK.

Nicki Minaj teamed up with MAC–> (=13.1.3) Cosmetics to create her own “Viva Glam” limited edition lipstick in the color PINK.

Synchronistically, I JUST sold my MAC makeup TODAY! This is the "Barbie Loves MAC"  limited edition series. Nicki Minaj is painted to look like Barbie through her MK(24)Ultra programming.

Synchronistically, I JUST sold my MAC makeup TODAY! This is the “Barbie Loves MAC” limited edition series. Nicki Minaj is painted to look like Barbie through her MK (24) Ultra programming. The BLM series was designed solely in PINK.

P!nk = Pi +NK Pi = 3.14 OR 16+9 = 25 NK = 14 + 11 = 25  TODAY is the 25th! How do you like me now (A)lecia (B)eth (M)OOr-e? A=1, B=2, M=13--> A+B=3 +M/13= 3.4

P!nk = Pi+NK
Pi = 3.14 OR 16+9 = 25
NK = 14 + 11 = 25
TODAY is the 25th! How do you like me now (A)lecia (B)ET-h (M)OOr-e? ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†A=1, B=2, M=13–> A+B=3 +M/13= 3.4

This (Pi)cTAURe is from an article that was synchronistically published today via The NY Times regarding breast cancer.

This (Pi)cTAURe is from an article that was synchronistically Published today via The New York Times regarding breast cancer. Breast cancer is symBULLized by the PINK r(ib)bon.

TIN, like¬†aluminum, is a¬†metal. I caPitalized¬†TIN¬†in the title¬†because it is JuPi.TAUR‚Äės metal. It syncs in with aluminum and breast cancer because aluminum deodorant is what causes the disease.

Speaking of breasts, here we have a cow jumping over the MOO-n in which we can see its UDDERS or BOOBS.

Speaking of breasts, here we have a COW jumping over the MOO-n in which we can see its UDDERS or BREASTS.¬†The (M)OO(N) obviously contains the letters M (13) and N (14)…another Pi.ece of the Pi.e

Thanks for reading and enJOY the Full MooN, (P)art(i)al lunar eclipse energy/energies. Please feel free to share this if you liked it!



It has been 2 and 1/2 weeks since I published this entry. I have been seeing (Pi)jnk campaigns everywhere! The (Pi)c(TAUR)e down below details one of them.

photo (15)

Jim points to the Pi in the banner for the “Paint The Town Pi.nk” campaign here on the Jersey Shore. Lily Pad wears a Pi.nk harness.

Animal Planet, Dog Stars: As Above, So Below

Subaru¬†has been running lots of¬†LOVE-based¬†commercials on YouTube¬†¬ĘenTAURed around a man named Grant Weber who sells¬†Pleiadian¬†cars to¬†DOGS/(GODS). Jim and ¬†¬†Rory¬†noticed these commercials while syncing up and viewing (P)ortland(i)a¬†skits online. ¬†This is a very important time on Earth/Heart because everything is being¬†blatantly¬†revealed in all of its¬†Pi.rfect¬†splendor.

Portlandia, a highly conscious show, even has a “Sync” section on its web site!
Put a (bi)rd on it! (See Portlandia skit 4 Laughs!) @VorexaJim and @JewishGypsy
Rory drew a bird when we 1st met and went 2 eat Mexican 
Castor and Pollux:  The Twin Flame/Twin Soul, As Above, So Below Dog Food!
Lily An Pad:  A LAP Dog, sometimes bARKS in Asbury PARK
Castor and Pollux is part of the¬†GEM IN I¬†(JIM ‘N’ I constellation). ¬†They are twins.

The Gemini / JIM and I (Rory and Jim) Twin Flames

As noted in the previous linked-up blog above,¬†SUBARU¬†equals¬†ASBURY¬†[p.b-ARC/K¬†= Park] because vowels are interchangeable in code-cracking. ¬†Asbury Park is the home to many dogs (including the famous Lily An Pad, the cutest Westie ever!). ¬†When we moved into our Asbury|Subaru apartment, we (twin flames¬†– Rory and Jim) began feeding Lily Castor and Pollux Organic Dog Food. ¬†Notice the very important sync: ¬†Gemini = JIM and I = the Twins = the Twin Flames. ¬†We are one. ¬†Castor and Pollux, feeds the dogs below and also the dogs above (Canis Major and Canis Minor). ¬†Castor and Pollux are part of the Gemini constellation. ¬†As above, so below. ¬†And, as sync would have it, Jim randomly selected “Pollux” as his notification sound on his GALAXY Nexus Android phone a few weeks ago. ¬†Furthermore, Rory is a rising¬†Gemini.

CasTOR/TAUR is the Alpha (Dog).  Pollux is the Beta.

CasTOR/TAUR is the Alpha (Dog). Pollux is the Beta.

Pollux is a GEM (the JIM) of the Two Halves of the GEMINI soul

Pollux is a GEM (the JIM) of the Two Halves of the GEMINI soul

Castor and Pollux is the Organic Dog Food company
The Birth of¬†Castor and Pollux¬†—complete with the White¬†Swan¬†(WANing¬†MooN) and White Horse (2014) energy

Castor Oil, a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean, is highly medicinal

Amanda and Vic have used Castor Oil on their dog, Scout, to help shrink growths 

Speaking of the POOP/POPE [Please see below {DECK}] 

The¬†Beaver¬†is Rory’s Native American zodiac totem/animal for¬†TAURus

Let’s go a little bit deeper into¬†Castor and Pollux, because it’s very important here. ¬†The other night, Jim and Rory took a sync walk to¬†DEAL¬†(LEAD¬†{SATURN’s metal}¬†= 12 or 22/11:11) Lake whereupon a swan graced us with its¬†presence. ¬†As noted in the story of Castor and Pollux,¬†Zeus¬†is described as raping LEDA (LEAD/DEAL) while taking the guise of a swan. ¬†The Gemini twins were born from eggs and what do we feed Lily with her C and P dog food? ¬†Eggs! ¬†Also, the swan is the [S]WANing moon that we were walking under. ¬†A waning¬†gibbous¬†moon ties us into the¬†giBBon¬†which is the¬†monkey/(MOON-KEY).

The Gibbon = the Monkey / MooN-Key = Gibbous M00N (Waxing or Waning)
1980 was the year of the Monkey!
Jupiter (Zeus), under the guise of a Swan, raped Leda, who gave birth to Pollux
Swan: 2 halves of the¬†heart¬†which is also 2 J’s (10:10¬†/¬†TIN:TIN¬†on the digital clock). ¬†¬†The¬†Swan¬†(Jupiter) is also related to the constellation¬†Cygnus

The Swan (Jupiter) is also related to the constellation Cygnus

(Natal)ie¬†Port[al]man was in “Black Swan

“Mizz¬†Swan” is a popular MAD TV character. ¬†We see her ordering¬†Taurus¬†burgers.

The swan is an interesting bird.  Not only does JuPiter appear in the guise of a swan in the Castor and Pollux myth, but the graceful bird also double-synced with Rory and I on our dog walk.  While Rory was using the StarWalk iPhone App she stumBULLed upon the constellation Cygnus which is the swan.  At the same moment this happened, I noticed that a single swan swam right up to us on our walk!  As sync would have it, Rory was reading a blog earlier on that same day that talked about the constellation.  All these Cygnus syncs made me think of one of my favorite trance tunes ever, CygNES, by Mr. Sam.


Above we see the puppies commercial from Subaru. ¬†Puppies on Earth are symbolic of the constellation¬†Puppis in the heavens. ¬†The puppis constellation resides next to neighbors Canis Minor, Canis Major,¬†Pyxis, and¬†Pictor. ¬†Canis Major (the “big Dog”)¬†contains¬†Sirius¬†which is also known as the Dog Star. ¬†In the Star Walk app, it is outlined by a picture of a¬†Greyhound. ¬†“Greyhound” is a popular song by the Swedish House Mafia and is also the name of a popular vodka drink. ¬†SHM features prominent DJ¬†Axwell (an encoded “OxWell” – Taurus). ¬†

The above commercial features hyBRID¬†(or¬†BIRD),¬†Lab(RA)doodle/Golden¬†Retriever/Goldendoodle¬†designer dogs or¬†puppies, a¬†mix.TAUR.e of¬†Standard Poodle and¬†Labrador¬†Retriever/Golden Retriever. ¬†Rory grew up with parents who raised Standard Poodles which are 1/2 Labradoodle. ¬†Designer dogs are the major trend right now in 3D. ¬†The video below features a commercial for Absolut Vodka and¬†GREY-GOOSE¬†is another type of vodka. ¬†Continuing home on our sync walk, we saw the owner of the Wonder Bar drive by us in a¬†Yellow¬†Mustang. ¬†During the warmer months, she holds a regular event called “Yappy Hour” in which dog owners can bring their¬†K-9s to the bar. ¬†

Grey GOOSE:  a popular Vodka brand (keep the GOOSE in mind for later)

In the video above, the¬†3-DJs forming the SHM operate as Avatars in the form of¬†greyhounds. ¬†This syncs us back to the¬†MOOvie/V/22/11 Avatar¬†and the¬†blue¬†people (Na’vi) of Pandora. ¬†The Na’vi represent the Hopi¬†people. ¬†Hopi¬†is a scrambled (like eggs, LOL)¬†iHop¬†which syncs us back to the hopping of the¬†White Rabbit, or Lepus. The dog race above features a mechanical white rabbit which the dogs chase. ¬†We sometimes call Lily a “white¬†rabbit.” ¬†

The¬†Na’vi¬†(Hopi =¬†iHop¬†= Pancakes or White Rabbit)

The US¬†NAVY/Na’vi¬†sends the 388ft¬†USS FREE-DOME¬†to the¬†AP/Asia¬†Pacific/(Asbury¬†Park)

Puppis” (PUPPIES) is located right next to Canis Major, Canis Minor, Pyxis, and Pictor

Canis Major contains Sirius which is the Dog Star
Canis Major chasing the Rabbit (Lepus) above
Puppis (“Poop¬†Deck”) contains the original ship from Jason [Jah-Sun] and the¬†ARGOnauts

Puppis (literally Latin for “poop deck“) ties in synchromystically to many themes above, below, and in the NEWS (North, East, West, South).¬†On some steamboats, the extreme end of the fantail supports “(M)o(N)key” rudders¬†that mimic the operation of the¬†main rudders¬†in order to provide additional steering control.¬†The Pi-Rates (Rates of 3.14) are the ones searching for the¬†booty in all the stories. ¬†Their treasure is marked on the map (which features the¬†CARDINAL directions) by an¬†X¬†(24/Jupiter). ¬†The chemtrails we see daily in the sky represent the X of the Pi-Rats marking their booty. ¬†Currently, the old¬†Pope¬†(“poop”) is on his way out and the cardinals of the World¬†Catholic Religion are choosing a new one. ¬†The Pope sits in Rome, Italy in a little city called the Vatican. Interestingly, both Italy and the Bootes constellation are shaped like boots. ¬†Not only do pirates wear boots and search for booty, but there also exist neighboring constellations which relate to all of this. ¬†Please see pictures below for more interesting syncs on what is happening¬†NOW.

The Syncs are coming fast and furious in all CARDINAL (N, E, W, S) P(d)i-Rex-tions!
The Bootes constellation РBoots РBootes РBoot РItaly 

OX / XO/ Cow = TAURUS energy.

OX / XO/ Cow = TAURUS energy.

James = 48 and there are 88 constellations in the heavens~

The above¬†eX¬Ęhange took place today via twitter and so beautifully synced into the scheme of¬†things. ¬†@amandascout1¬†is a¬†7th grade English teacher. COMA¬†Berenices¬†is a¬†neighbor of Bootes, Canes Venatici and¬†Virgo. ¬†Both Amanda and Jim are¬†Virgos.¬†

17 = Jupiter’s #

Canes Venatici (a sc-RAMBULL-[ed]) VATICAN and VENICE) is held by BOOTES

photo (18)

Draco (short 4 the Draconian Laws of the Vatican/Canes Venatici) is located nearby


POPE/POOP [“Eggs”] Benedict XVI=16/7/Saturn gets the BOOT.
He Ran (iRan) So Far Away…Enter Pope fRANcis


Speaking of¬†pirates and ships, the poop deck of Puppis connects us back to Jason and the Argo.nauts and their vessel, the¬†ARGO¬†NAVIS. ¬†ARGO, as we know, is a very popular movie these days. ¬†Directed and starring Ben Affleck (“A FLOCK” for later), the film won Best Picture/Pi.c.TAUR¬†at this year’s OZcars. ¬†Puppis contains¬†76¬†stars. ¬†76¬†totals¬†13¬†which is this year, another year of Pi (1+3=4). ¬†Furthermore, Argo¬†Navis syncs us back to the Na’vi (blue¬†people) above. ¬†As we know from previous blogs here,¬†blue¬†is the color of¬†truth¬†and¬†Taurus. ShiPs carry cARGO¬†and astroNAUTS¬†fly spaceshiPs. See the third and final Subaru/Asbury commercial below to sync deeper.

In the Grant Weber commercial above, we see a dog (Canis Minor) who wants to buy a¬†BLUE¬†(Taurus) Subaru (Pleiades). ¬†He becomes irritated when he sees that a cat (his “opposite”) has¬†PURR-CHASED the last one. ¬†The cat represents Jupiter because of his¬†orange¬†color and stripes. ¬†Also, as you should already know, Jupiter is represented by the Tiger (a big cat).

photo (21)

Ju.Pi.TAUR and Taurus sync up together in the Heavens~

The Pleiades (Subaru), Jupiter, and Taurus are all located near one another

The Pleiades (Subaru), Jupiter, and Taurus are all located near one another


This is the dog in the "Blue" Subaru commercial (Canis Minor)

This is the dog in the “Blue” Subaru commercial (Canis Minor)

Let’s get back to ARGO because there are many syncs remaining in this chapter. ¬†ARGO (Go Ra!)¬†is a scRAM-BULL’d¬†GORO, a famous synchromystic. ¬†The film details the¬†444-day Iranian Ho-stage[d] CrISIS¬†which ended in 1981 (the year Jim was born). ¬†IRAN, which is a¬†sc-RAM-BULL’d¬†NAIR/RAIN, is a hugely encoded country which has been in the news for years. ¬†The silly threat of¬†mushroom¬†clouds and nuclear war with terrorists remains as code characters see beyond the veil and laugh! ¬†Nair removes the hair (HARE¬†=¬†Lepus, above) as we come out of the trance of time and space. ¬†ARGO is also ARC-O, the Arc of the Jupiter rainbow which refracts light at 42 degrees. One of the actors in the film is Alan [p/b]ARKIN’ which syncs us back to Jason and the Argonauts because an Ark is a ship.sHIPs carry cARGO.¬† Astro-nauts¬†fly space-sh(iP)s.¬†

More¬†Blue¬†People (Na’vi): IRAN’s AFFLECK/A Flock¬†of Seagulls

ARGO’s focus on¬†iRAN¬†perfectly syncs up with 2 huge codes: ¬†Ben “A Flock” [Of Seagulls] and their famous song, “I Ran (So Far Away).” ¬†This song, which came out the year of the¬†DOG¬†(1982),¬†features an album cover with a blue face (Na’vi/HOPi) on it. ¬†If you look closely, you can see the Mushroom clouds in the woman’s sunglasses. ¬†Thinking of iRan brings me back to current events and the happenings of¬†RAN[D] Paul, son of¬†RON. ¬†Lately, he’s been trending on twitter and filibustering it up. ¬†We’ll blog more about this later. ¬†R(18)¬†+ P(16/Pi) =¬†34¬†(Pi/3.14) and Rory is¬†34¬†(a key fibonacci number) years old!¬†3¬†+ 4 = 7¬†which is also satUrn’s #¬†


 (click to YouTube to watch the video)

A cloud appears above your head
A beam of light comes shining down on you
Shining down on you.  The cloud is moving nearer still.
Aurora Borealis comes in view
Aurora comes in view.   

The song posted above is key for a couple of reasons. ¬†The obvious¬†AuroRA¬†shooting that everyone’s talking, tweeting, and blogging about comes to mind. ¬†Rory’s earlier twitter name was AuRoRA (since 2011) and she’s always sharing pictures of cloudships on¬†In-STAGRAM. ¬†Finally,¬†GUN¬†equals 42 (Jupiter). ¬†¬†

One of the MANY cloudship/flying saucer photos Rory has taken. ¬†Notice “TPTW” have marked their TERRA-TOR/TAUR-y with an “X” to mark their spot. ¬†(Taken 3.10.13)

Decoding “BULL+E.T.” on IG. The G-NUS (NEWS) repeatedly
reels the banning of GUNS. Saturn VS. Jupiter


The GUN is in the shape of a “J”/Jupiter (R)or “L”/Saturn.The GUN is also GNU Sc-RAM-BULL-ed


Let’s delve deeper into the¬†SEAGULL¬†code here, because it’s really hilarious. ¬†The one-hit won-der “A Flock of Seagulls” reflects the birds here in Asbury Park. ¬†Second, our LandLord (LL=12/12=24)’s name is Peter [PAN] Siegel. ¬†He collects the rent for¬†710 (Jupiter)¬†6th (Saturn) Avenue. ¬†At nearby SunSET¬†(Saturn) Lake we have the Duck Seagull. ¬†Last weekend, we purchased a couch at Squan (SWAN) Furniture. ¬†The salesman’s name? ¬†Dave¬†Se[a]gall! ¬†And guess what’s located right across the street from Squan furniture? ¬†The¬†BLUE¬†SWAN¬†diner! ¬†¬†

Squan/Swan Furniture: Dave SeaGull sold us an L(12/Saturn)-Shaped couch

Squan/Swan Furniture: Dave SeaGull sold us an L(12/Saturn)-Shaped couch

The Duck Seagull of Sunset Lake is a DUCK-SEAGULL Hybrid

The Duck Seagull of Sunset Lake is a DUCK-SEAGULL Hybrid

photo (26)

The Duck Chi-cken of Sunset Lake is another interesting HybRiD/Hy(bi)RD

Before purchasing our¬†L-shaped couch on¬†Saturn’s¬†Day, we looked at many interesting models including the “Argos” and “Hybrid.” ¬†The flyer is posted below for sync-proof. ¬†As we made our way back to Squan to final-eyes our pur-chase, we noticed that there were stuffed¬†ducks¬†on David’s desk. ¬†Sync put us in the right place. ¬†This blog started weeks ago, but more syncs had to be unveiled before we could put it all together. ¬†The “Argos” model syncs back up to this year’s Best Pi.cture. Ben Affleck, and our feathered friends (as well as the salesman @ Squan furniture) while the Hybrid model is connected to the popular hybrid dogs of the Subaru commercial. ¬†Also, Jim drives a¬†Hybrid¬†car (a 2004 Honda Insight).

Argos” sofa “Hybrid“/Hy-BIRD — 1348 = Pi –747 = a shiP
The Westie artwork we stumBULLed upon while couch shopPing (“Hi Lil!”)

We are very happy with our new couch. ¬†Here is the code-cracking breakdown of¬†Couches:¬†Cow (Taurus) + Chi (Sexual Energy) – SE = 24/Cow Cheese – Swiss-Con-Sin/Shin. ¬†Couch Potatoes steal tweets and info from¬†AU-thentic individuals who purely download. ¬†Still others feel the need to do endless “synchronicity research” or take massive amounts of entheogens to sync up. ¬†All of this is unnecessary. ¬†You must only live in the now and begin to realize the codes of your own life. ¬†Beyond that, the entire outside world (which is an illusion) is just a huge matrix of codes for you to breakdown and enjoy. ¬†So have fun!¬†

Warm Regards*,

Rory and Jim

*If you found value in this blog, please share or leave a comment. ¬†Don’t steal or rehash. ¬†Start downloading information on your own … All it takes is opening your eyes.