What a Fool Believes–An April Edition

Happy APRIL 1st! Who’s ready to activate their dormant DNA?

As we have learned from my previous post, APRIL is a scRAM-BULLed LIbRA. To see how that ties in, click on the hyperlinks.

It’s the day of the FOOL…(A)pril FOOLs’ Day = a scRAM-BULLed ALOOF. Some FOOLs are simply ALOOF.

Synchronistically, my friend that recently moved to Florida shared a photo with me of a large alligator with a caption that read, “What a FOOL believes,” as a joke in reference to one of comedian Tony Baker’s voiceovers. The comedian has sung the song, “What a Fool Believes” by the (D)oobie (B)rothers, dubbing over the voice for an alligator.

DB = 42 and 4/2 is tomorrow, a.k.a. JuPiter Day. Today is THORsday or THOR‘S day or Jupiter day.

Jupiter’s glyph or sigil looks like the numbers 24 / 42 / 214 / 17 etc…

Speaking of doobies, this month we have Doobie Day, a.k.a. 4/20–another JewPiTaur Day. First day of TAURus, too!

Thank you for reading! It’s so great being back here and blogging again.