R3STOR Podcast-Episode 2: “Zombie Jenneration”

On today’s ePisode, SynchroMiss and Zen discuss:

•(A)uto(I)mmune Disease/ AI / Artificial Intelligence

•Zombie Apocalypse/ Gen Z / World War Z

•The Walking Dead

•Virgo Season



•The Taliban

•Milk Crate Challenge

•Kobe Bryant

•823 and 143

And much more…


Introducing the “R3STOR” Podcast

Zen and SynchroMiss introduce to you their very first episode of “R3STOR.” Subjects discussed include:
•What their work entails
•Nile Delta/ Delta Variant
•Egypt and the Pyramids and American Pyramids
•Justin Bieber and Megan Fox
•3 Day Symbolism
•Tom Hanks and Chet Hanks
•Transformers and Mark Wahlberg