420 SeasonABull

Let’s welcome the first day of TAURUS, or 4/20. April 20th (4/20) is also considered an occasion for smoking or celebrating the smoking of marijuana.

TAURUS rules the THROAT and NECK, and and as a fellow TAUREAN I can tell you that my THROAT chakra is wide open, thus I’m pretty BLUNT when it comes to speaking my BLUE truth.

The BLUNT conNECKts back to 4/20, because what do we do on this special day?…smoke BLUNTs! FRIDAY is a 1995 American stoner comedy film. FRIDAY is ruled by the planet VENUS and VENUS is also the planet that rules TAURUS. The film was released under the sign of TAURUS on April 26, 1995.

“Smokey” is a character from the FRIDAY film series.

As sync would have it, I picked up my new 2022 Subaru Crosstrek in cool gray khaki (BLUEish color) today. As some may already be aware, the Subaru logo is a stylized representation of the BLUE star cluster known in the West as the Pleiades (P Ladies). The Pleiades resides in the TAURUS constellation. 2022 = If you double all the 2‘s, you get 444, and the Pleiades is 444 light years away from Earth.

Everyone, meet “Electra.” Electra is one of the 7 seast✰rs of the Pleiades.

For years now, I’ve felt like I came to Earth on a Pleiadian mission. I’ve wanted a Subaru Crosstrek for about six years and now I know why. It all makes so much sense to me. I finally manifested the exact one I wanted in the color I wanted by working super hard, using the art of manifestation. I made my dreams a reality. Anyone can do this. You must remain extremely open and positive and work hard for what you want in life.

Happy Taurus Szn to all!



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Cancer: The Meaning of Kristen Wiig’s Wigs

Actress Kristen WIIG always seems to be associated with symbols that tie in with the zodiac sign of CANCER, the CRAB. In one of my previous posts, I wrote about the sign of CANCER. In this particular post, I also mention Kristen WIIG. Let’s explore this further.

Check out Cancer Codes for more on the zodiac sign, as well as additional codes relating to Kristen WIIG.

In the DeSPicaBULL Me film series that premiered under the sign of CANCER, Kristen WIIG stars in both but as different characters (Miss Hattie, and agent Lucy Wilde). As mentioned in one of my previous posts entitled “DMD: (3.14) Despicable Me Decoded,” this movie centers around the lead character’s efforts to steal the MOON. CANCER, the zodiac sign, is ruled by the MOON. Here, we have Kristen WIIG featured in a film centered around the MOON

 Gru and Lucy (WIIG) sit on the porch steps of the HOUSE in front of the waning MOON.

Gru and Lucy (WIIG) sit on the porch steps of the HOUSE in front of the WANING<–(**Save this for later!!**MOON.

Despicable Me 2 Kristen Wiig

Gru in the WIG shop has WIIG (Lucy) in his (TAURUS) ear.

Gru in the WIG shop has WIIG (Lucy) in his (TAURUS) ear. This scene depicts the mythology of ZEUS (the eagle in the mirror), and HERA (HAIR-ah), which we’ll get into MOMentarily.

Despicable Me 2 Kristen Wiig One thing I neglected to write in that post was that Gru was the FATHER, or head of the HOUSEhold NURTURING his CHILDREN in Despicable Me. In Despicable Me 2, Lucy (whose name means “LIGHT“) takes Gru under the SEA to encounter his next mission. She also MARRIES Gru, and they become PARENTS to Agnes, Edith, and Margo. I predict that in the next film (Despicable Me 3), Lucy and Gru will have a BABYWe will get more into what HOUSE CANCER rules in the zodiac MOMentarily.

Despicable me 2 Minions banana

In DesPicaBULL Me 2, we see the MiNions associated with baNANAs. The baNANA forms the shape of the CRESCENT MooN, which is also the shape that forms the BULL‘s horns. NANNA was the god of the MooN in Mesopotamian mythology. MN=13.14/π/Pi.

Slide1WIIG played characters “NAN” Washingtom (“Weekend Update”), and “CINderella” (“The Real Housewives of Disney”). Another name for the Mesopotamian moon god NANna was SIN.Nan Washington Kristen wiigCinderella Kristen Wiig SNL

A staple food for a MO[O]Nkey is the baNAN[N]A, and WIIG mentions both baNAN[N]As and MO[O]Nkeys often. The BUTT ties together in with the MOON, because when someone pulls their PANts down to “MOON” someone, they are revealing their backside. WIIG often mentions the “BUTT.” See photos below.

Kristen Wiig SNL

Kristen WIIG in “New Hampshire Exit Poll” on SNL.

Kristen Wiig New Hampshire Exit Poll SNL Secret Word Kristen Wiig SNLBookstore SNL Kristen Wiig Embedded in Kristen’s last name, is the word or symbol “WIG.” A WIG is a HAIRpiece worn by many, but especially by those who are enduring the cheMOTHERApy<–(**This word contains the words “MOTHER,” “HERA,” and “HER in it!!!**) process due to the disease, CANCER. Kristen WIIG dons many WIGs in numerous skits. She was born on the last day of Leo, the Lion, who has a magnificent MANE of HAIR. CANCER also precedes Leo in the zodiac.


WIGS are used for those going through the cheMOTHERapy process due to CANCER.

Slide2In “Funkytown DeBATe” on SNL, Kristen WIIG plays alongside Will Ferrell. His character is running for MAYor of Funkytown. He calls HER character, who is part of his future cabinet, to come out onto the stage. Then, he mentions a WIG.

Funkytown Debate SNL Kristen Wiig

Will Ferrell’s character announces WIG‘s character onto the debate stage. He says he’ll appoint HER to head of commissions on FISH sandwiches. FISH are the CRAB‘s neighbors in the SEA.

Aphrodite fish

We will cover APHROdite (AFRO/WIG)  here shortly. Source

Funkytown Debate SNL Kristen WiigThe zodiac sign of CANCER is in effect during the month of JUNE. Below are screenshots from the SNL sketch entitled, “Bookstore,” starring Kristen WIIG and [N]ANNA Faris. We shall learn in a MOMent of CANCER‘s affiliation with the BOOBS. The month of JUNE is also mentioned.Bookstore SNL Kristen Wiig Bookstore SNL Kristen Wiig

Bookstore Kristen Wiig Anna Faris

Anna FARis is checking out a FERRari calendar.

As we learned from one of my previous posts, CANCER rules the 4th HOUSE, which is the HOME, family, HERedity, the MOTHER, and FATHER. The 4th HOUSE is commonly referred to as the “HOUSE of HOME.” It is also known as the “HOUSE of the MOTHER, the parent, of the nurturer.” The MOON is a FEMININE-type energy. Slide3[N]ANNA Faris was born in BALTIMORE, MARYLANDHOME of the famous Under Armour and MARYLAND CRABS.Anna Faris

Speaking of MARYLAND CRABS, WIIG played a character named “Aunt Linda” who was a guest on “Weekend Update with Seth Meyers” on SNL. In this bit, she mentions traveling to MARYLAND in search of CRABS, but they have too many SHELLS<–(**Save this for later!!**Weekend Update: Aunt Linda Spring Movies SNL Kristen WiigWeekend Update: Aunt Linda Spring Movies SNL Kristen WiigWeekend Update: Aunt Linda Spring Movies SNL Kristen Wiig

WIIG in "Disco BOOTY<--(BUTT) Junction" on SNL.

WIIG in “Disco BOOTY<–(BUTT) Junction” on SNL.

WIIG stars in “Girl Most Likely,” a film that resonates the sign of CANCER. To recap, this film was released in theaters and added to Netflix under the sign of CANCER. See my previous post here.Girl Most Likely SynchroMissWIIG was in a sketch on SNL about the drug Chantix, which helps one quit SMOKING. SMOKING is an activity that may lead to CANCER. In this sketch, they are poking fun of Chantix’s side effects. One of the side effects they poke fun of in this sketch is killing the one you LOVE most, or your “HUSBAND.”<–(**Hang onto the HUSBAND and EXHUSBAND!!**) This is where they are making a comparison to the mythology of ZEUS and HERA, which we will get into very soon. There’s a famous saying that goes, “getting my WIG SMOKED,” which means to change one’s HAIRstyle. In WIIG‘s Chantix spoof, the baNANA is mentioned. Smoking affects the LUNGS, ruled by GEMINI, which we will be covering very shortly. Kristen Wiig SNL Chantix

The mythology of HERA and ZEUS. Stay tuned!!...

The mythology of HERA and ZEUS. Stay tuned!…

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 4.28.53 PM

WIIG SMOKING while wearing another WIG. SMOKING may cause CANCER.

Golden Apple Hera

Comparing APPLES to ORANGES. . .ORANGE leads us back to the ORANG[E]utan, a type of MOONkey that eats baNANAs. Source

WIIG did a spoof of LANA (a scRAM-BULLed LUNA/ANAL/BUTT) (**Save LANA for later!!**) Del Rey on SNL’s “Weekend Update.” LUNA = MOON in both sPANish and Italian.

Luna Del Rey Kristen Wiig

(The real) LUNA Del Rey was born on JUNE 21, 1985–on the cusp of GEMINI entering the sign of CANCER.

She also, in several movies and sketches, represents the zodiac signs of TAURUS and GEMINI–the months of MAY, JUNE, and JULY. We will get into those examples MOMentarily.

WIIG STARred in “An SNL Digital Short” entitled “AFROS” in which she donned a big head of HAIR, or an AFRO she shared with Andy Samberg. This MUsical short was about a “save the date” for a WEDDING<–(**Save this for later!!**) invite. Towards the end, comedian Kenan Thompson comes out blowing a CONCH<–(cANKH) SHELL. We find the CONCH SHELL alongside the CANCER CRAB at the SEA. In this piece, WIIG represents the goddess APHROdite (AFROdite), the Greek goddess of LOVE, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. HER Roman counterpart is VENUS. These goddesses represent the month of MAY. During the month of MAY, the zodiac signs of TAURUS and GEMINI are in effect. Some of APHROdite’s symBULLS are the SHELL, the DOLPHIN, and the APPLE. The SHELL and the DOLPHIN are symBULLS we see associated with the different characters played by WIIG. The PENTagram is represented by VENUS, because the APPLE is associated with the goddess. The APPLE contains the FIVE-pointed (PENT means FIVE) STR within its core. MAY is also the FIFTH MO[O]Nth. In MAY, we celebrate our MOTHERS on MOTHER‘s Day. APHROdite/VENUS are MOTHERly goddesses.Afros Kristen Wiig SNLKenan Thompson SNL Kristen Wiig AfrosAfros SNL Kristen Wiig


The ANKH, symBULL of life, THORacic vertBRA of a BULL. The THORax or CHEST is a part of the anatomy that is located in the THORacic cavity. The THORacic cavity is associated with the heart, LUNGS, and THYMUS GLAND. Some of the body parts GEMINI rules are the upper RIBS, LUNGS, bronchial tracts, trachea, and THYMUS GLAND. Source

APHROdite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and PROCREATION.

The Birth of VENUS is a painting by Sandro Botticelli. APHROdite is the Greek goddess of LOVE, beauty, pleasure, and PROCREATION. Take note of how she is standing in a SHELL covering HER BREASTS.

In a sketch entitled, “HOUSE Sitting,” WIIG hires a HOUSE sitter to watch HER HOME while she plans on vacationing to a TOPLESS FOREST.<–(**Keep this in mind for later!!**CANCER rules the BREASTS. As she is describing HER needs to the sitter (Lindsay Lohan), HER HOME phone keeps ringing with nobody on the other end. It turns out that HER character is “BUTT dialing” HER HOME phone via HER cell phone, which causes a lot of confusion to the sitter. In an effort to make it up to the sitter, HER character invites HER along to the TOPLESS FOREST.House Sitting Kristen Wiig SNL House Sitting Kristen Wiig SNL House Sitting Kristen Wiig SNL Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 5.25.44 PMHouse Sitting Kristen Wiig SNL In an SNL sketch entitled, “Gilly in SEX Ed,” WIIG plays a mischievous schoolgirl named Gilly who causes a ruckus in SEX Ed class. In this sketch, the teacher is explaining CHILDBIRTH. Disruptive Gilly throws a cherry Pie at the teacher, Sofia Vergara. The cherry Pie symBULLizes the feminine MENSES/cycle (MOONses). Gilly also wraps HER classmate up in MAXI PADS. Frustrated, Vergara’s character says to Gilly, “Sometimes I don’t know whether to shake you to death, or to hold you close to my BOSOM (BREAST/S).” Sofia Vergara is known for having large BREASTS. In SEX education, we learn about CHILDBIRTH, the woman’s WOMB, and the MOON cycle, a.k.a. the PERIOD<–(**Save this for later!!**). One of the parts of the body CANCER rules is the WOMB.Gilly in Sex Ed Kristen Wiig SNLGilly in Sex Ed Kristen Wiig SNL

Gilly in Sex Ed Kristen Wiig SNL

Notice how “GILLy” dons the color Pink. We will return to the color Pink shortly. FISH, the CRAB‘s neighbors, have GILLs.

Gilly in Sex Ed Kristen Wiig SNLGilly in Sex Ed Kristen Wiig SNLOn SNL sketch, “ESPN Classic: 1994 Ladies’ Long Drive Championship,” WIIG plays a professional golfer whose TOuRnament sponsors MAXI PADS.Kristen Wiig SNLESPN CLASSIC: 1994 LADIES' LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIPA customer wants to buy MAXI PADS from the “TARGET Lady” on SNL.Target Lady SNL Kristen WiigOn “Suze Orman Show: Former Roommate,” WIIG‘s character (Suze Orman) mentions the “TAMPAX PEARL,” a brand of TAMPON or FEMININE hygiene product.

SUZE is a scRAM-BULLed SUEZ, as in the SUEZ (bEARTH) CANAL<--(**Save this for later!!**)

SUZE is a scRAM-BULLed SUEZ, as in the SUEZ (bEARTH) CANAL.<–(**Save this for later!!**)

On “Weekend Update with Seth Meyers” on SNL, WIIG did a parody of Paula Deen. In the photo below, notice how she grabs HER BREASTS. As we just learned, CANCER rules the BREASTS. We’ll come back to WIIG/WIG and the BREASTS very shortly.Kristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula Deen Paula Deen (WIIG) mentions she has DIABETES. DIABETES is a disease that affects the PANCREAS. CANCER rules the PANCREAS. Some people with PANCREATIC CANCER develop DIABETES as the CANCER impairs the PANCREAS‘ ability to produce insulin. The real Paula Deen is a celebrity chef, who cooks meals meant to please people’s STOMACHs. CANCER also rules the STOMACH. Kristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula Deen Kristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula Deen CANCER also rules the lower RIBS. . . Kristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula Deen Kristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula Deen Paula Deen (WIIG) mentions she LOVEs TWINKIES. If you read my post, “DMD: (3.14) Despicable Me Decoded,” I mentioned how MINIONS resemble TWINKIES. The               Mi(OO)NIONS are in a film that was released under the sign of CANCER, and tied to the MOONKristen Wiig Paula Deen Minions Twinkies SynchroMissIn this same sketch, Seth asks WIIG (as Paula Deen) about the allegations of when she was accused of using the “word.” In this piece, I believe the “N” = NANNA, the god of the MOON in Mesopotamian mythology, and/or NUT, the goddess of the SKY in Egyptian mythology. Take note of how Deen is not only holding a stick of BUTTer<–(**Save this for later!!**), but she also mentions it too.

Kristen Wiig Paula Deen Weekend Update SNL

She’s also holding a CHICKEN<–(**Save this for later!!**) leg.

Kristen Wiig Paula Deen Weekend Update SNLKristen Wiig Paula Deen Weekend Update SNLKristen Wiig Paula Deen Weekend Update SNLKristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula DeenKristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula DeenAccording to medical astrology, the sign of CANCER rules NUTRITION. We find the goddess NUT‘s name in NUTRITIONKristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula Deen Kristen Wiig SNL Weekend Update Paula Deen We just learned about the N-word, NANNA, a.k.a. SIN. SIN had a BEARD<–(**Save this for later!!**) made of LApIS (swap the “S” for a “Z” in the word “LApIS“; same sound phonetically) LAZuLI and rode on a winged BULL, as it is one of his symBULLS, through his FATHER, ENLIL, “BULL of HEAVEN,” along with the CRESCENT and the tripod, which may be a LAMPstand. WIIG played “Liza MiNnelli” (MOONnelli/MN=Pi) on SNL in a sketch entitled “Liza Minnelli Tries to Turn Off a LAMP“. Also, if we take the last five letters of MiNNELLI, and scRAM-BULL them (NELLI), we get ENLIL! The first three letters are MiN=MOON and MN = 13.14, or Pi. If we subtract the letter “P“<–(Pi) in LApIS, and swap a “Z” in place of the “S,” we get LIZA. Also, we find the name “LIZA” in LAZuLI.Liza Minnelli Tries to Turn Off a Lamp Kristen Wiig SNL

Liza Minnelli Tries to Turn Off a Lamp Kristen Wiig SNL WIIG (as Minnelli) mentions Debbie Reynolds in this sketch. Debbie Reynolds’ first MARRIAGE was to popular SINGer Eddie FISHer. She also had a hit song entitled, “ABA DaBA HoneyMOON.”

Liza Minnelli Tries to Turn Off a Lamp Kristen Wiig SNL

Take note of how Liza Minnelli (WIIG) is dressed in a RUBY RED sparkly blouse, leading us back to the RUBY RED slippers worn by HER motHER (Judy Garland/Dorothy) in the Wizard of OZ.

ruby July's birthstone

JULY is when the sign of CANCER is in effect.

Debbie Reynolds

Definitely unSYNCaBULL!

Aba Daba Honeymoon

Check out the MOONkeys!

Additionally, HER BROADWAY-star character (Minnelli) mentions SHRIMP. Like the CRAB, SHRIMP is another type of SHELLFISH that derives from the SEA.Liza Minnelli Tries to Turn Off a Lamp Kristen Wiig SNL

The "secret word" is SHRIMP.

The “secret word” is SHRIMP.

Now we know why WIIG was chosen to dance alongside Maddie Ziegler and Sia at the 2015 Grammys in “CHANDELIER.” Not only did WIIG don a WIG, but the song is about a CHANDELIER, which is a type of LAMP!

Kristen Wiig 2015 Grammys

WIIG performing to “CHANDELIER” at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Socialite CD Kristen Wiig SNL

The background dancers are holding up their PALMs (LAMPs).

The LAMP is an anagram for PALM, or the FIVE-fingers we find on it, which represent the PENTagram. We shall cover the number FIVE, and the PENTagram here very soon!

Speaking of BROADWAY stars, WIIG played “Kara MO[O]Ndelo Lebex” on SNL sketch, “BROADWAY Sizzle.” She and HER EXHUSBAND (Darius MO[O]Ndelo, played by Bill Hader) are BROADWAY veterans who host a K-BULL access show. When introducing show tunes they wrote for BROADWAY, WIIG‘s character (MO[O]Ndelo) mentions “MOON children,” a song they wrote for LIZA Wang, not Mi(OO)Nelli (NELLI=ENLIL). Broadway Sizzle Kristen Wiig SNL Take note how they are in a resTAURant. Add a “B” in front of resTAURant to get BREASTaurant.

Broadway Sizzle Kristen Wiig SNL Broadway Sizzle Kristen Wiig SNL  Broadway Sizzle Kristen Wiig SNL

WIIG played NEWT Gingrich’s WIFE, “CALLISTA,” who’s the “MOON president” on SNL. CALLISTO is the fourth MOON of JUPiTER, a.k.a. ZEUS. According to Greek mythology, ZEUS cheated on HERA with CALLISTO. In this sketch, WIIG‘s character (CALLISTA) mentions something about staying MARRIED, but having AFFAIRS with other WOMEN. NEWT is a representation of NUT, or NEW[E]T, the Egyptian goddess of the SKY. (Hang onto NUT; we will come back to HER very shortly.) Bobby (BOOBY/BREASTMO[O]yNihan plays the dual role of NEW[E]T/NUT and ZEUS.hera

In this sketch, NEWT (BOOBY) says, “May DIVORCE be with you.” This is because NEWT Gingrich has been MARRIED a few times, with the first two MARRIAGES ending in AFFAIRS and DIVORCE. WIIG represents the archetype of HERA/JUNO, among others, which we will get into shortly. In Greek mythology, it is uncertain as to whether or not HERA asked ZEUS (NEWT Gingrich resemBULLS ZEUS) for a DIVORCE. HERA/JUNO is the goddess of MARRIAGE. We shall cover more of JUNO here very soon! 

Sir Isaac NEWTon is famous for his experiment with the APPLE. His experiment was all about GRAVITY. There is no GRAVITY on the MOON.

Newt Gingrich: Moon President Kristen Wiig SNL

Take note how NEWT is right on top of MOON. Also, the “N” is right on top of the                    “M“–>NM=14.13/3.14/Pi.

Newt Gingrich: Moon President Kristen Wiig SNL


CALLISTO (a.k.a. JUPiTER IV) is the third-largest MOON in the Solar System.

Newt Gingrich: Moon President Kristen Wiig SNL

She works as a JUN[E]itor. CANCER takes place during the MO[O]Nth of JUNE. CANCER is ruled by the MOON.

Now it’s clear as to why WIIG (playing Paula Deen) mentions that she LOVEs TWINKIES, because they are the TWIN KEYS, or the TWO KEYS that lock and unlock the two SOLstitial GATEs of the winter and summer SOLstices. It also makes sense that (the real) Paula Deen is a CAPRICORN. We’ll come back to the TWO GATEs, as well as the sign of CAPRICORN very shortly. Newt Gingrich: Moon President Kristen Wiig SNL Kenan Thompson’s character (HERman Cain) goes to snatch off Jason Sudeikis’ WIG. Sudeikis is playing the role of MITT ROM[E]ney. We will be referring to ROMAN mythology here shortly, as JUNO is HERA‘s ROMAN mythology counterpart. WIIG STARred in the film, “The Secret Life of WALTER<–(**Save this for later!!**MITTy.Newt Gingrich: Moon President SNL

Newt Gingrich: Moon President

ZEUS/JUPiTER was known for having extraMARITAL AFFAIRS. He cheated on HERA with CALLISTO.

Newt/Zeus slide

Just add a white BEARD to Newt’s chin, and he would be a spitting image of ZEUS!


JUNO is the ancient Roman goddess of MARRIAGE and CHILDBIRTH.

Newton Law of Gravity

NEWTon’s Universal Law of GRAVITATION.

She played “HERA” (HAIR-ah) next to Jason Sudeikis as “ZEUS” on SNL. According to Greek mythology, HERA commanded a CRAB to distract and attack HERAcles while he was battling the multi-headed HYDRA.<–(**Hang onto HYDRA!!**) HERAcles quickly dispatched the CRAB by kicking it with such force that it was propelled into the SKY. Other accounts claim that Karkinos (the CRAB HERA sent) grabbed onto HERAcles’s toe with its claws, but he crushed it under his foot. HERA, grateful for the CRAB‘s effort, gave it a place in the night SKY, which has become better known today as the constellation CANCER. She mentions the DOLPHIN, a symbol associated with HER[A], as well as the SEA, where we find the CANCER CRAB. WIIG was a voice in the movie HER.

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 2.55.27 PM

Kristen WIIG plays the role of “HERA” (HAIR-ah) on SNL with Jason Sudeikis as ZEUS. Notice how ZEUS says, “CRAP,” which is the word “CRAb” if you flip the “P” to a “b.”

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 3.03.18 PM Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 3.07.02 PMScreen shot 2015-03-22 at 3.09.37 PM

her WIIG's provided the voice of SEXy Kitten in the film, HER.

WIIG provided the voice of “SEXy Kitten in the film HER.

In the same ePisode (Season 37: Ep. 5), WIIG plays the MO(O)vie direcTOR on the set of “Because of One DOLPHIN.” Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 3.34.05 PMSINce vowels are interchangeable in code-cracking (we can delete them and/or swap them with another vowel), the “BAIT” we see on the door above where WIIG is standing, can become “BET,” as in the Hebrew letter BET. BET, the name of the letter, is pronounced as “BAYT/BAIT” (rhymes with “mate”). BET means “HOUSE,” and again, CANCER rules the HOME. HOUSES here means, in a wider context, “BUILDINGS.”<–(**Keep this in mind for later!!**) Backing up a bit, we find the word/letter “BET” in the middle of the word “diaBETes.” Again, diaBETes is caused due to the PANCREAS not being aBULL to produce enough insulin, and CANCER rules the PANCREAS.

bet vet Hebrew

The Hebrew letter “BET” means “HOUSE.” CANCER rules the HOMEBET is ONLY BET when the PERIOD (called a dagesh) is in the center of the letter. If there is no PERIOD, the letter then become VET and is a “V” sound.

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 3.35.40 PM

The next line in the script and scene that WIIG‘s character is directing is “It’s your HOME,” in which they are trying to coax the DOLPHIN to go back HOMEScreen shot 2015-03-22 at 3.53.51 PM

WIIG played “Denise Fineman” on SNL, a botoxed NEWS<–(**Save this for later!!**) reporter reporting live from the jungle of Costa Rica. In this bit, HER face is attacked by a SPiDER and BEETLES. Also, a snake bites HER BREASTSWDHX News SNL Kristen WiigWDHX News SNL Kristen WiigSatellite Delay SNL Kristen WiigWe find the word “CRAB” in sCaRAB.” Like the CRAB, the sCaRAB BEETLE<–(**Save this for later!!**) is a bottom feeder. The CRAB, the sCaRAB, and the SPiDER are from the same phylum, ARTHROPODA<–(**Save this for later!!**).

Kristen WIIG played “Jolene” in the SNL sketch CRAB Blast 2012″ alongside ZOoey Deschanel (“Wendy”). In this sketch, Jolene and Wendy invite guests over to their HOME for a CRAB feast, yet they fail to serve any CRAB.

Crab Blast 2012 Kristen Wiig SNL

Jolene (WIIG) and Wendy (Deschanel) invite guests over to their HOME for CRAB dinner. CANCER rules the HOME, and is represented by the CRAB.

Crab Blast 2012 Kristen Wiig SNLCrab Blast 2012 Kristen Wiig SNLAt the end, they bring out a SILVER tray of nothing! SILVER is CANCER‘s lucky color, as well as metal. Colloidal SILVER helps treat the disease CANCER. Most modern fiction describes WEREWOLVES<–(**Save this for later!!**) to be vulnerable to SILVER, as well as to transform from human into “WOLF” under the full MOON. WEREWOLVES howl at the MOON.Crab Blast 2012 Kristen Wiig SNL

colloidal silver

Colloidal SILVER kills CANCER cells!

WereWOLVES can only be killed by SILVER, or by SILVER BULL+ET's.

WEREWOLVES can only be killed by SILVER, or by SILVER BULL+ET’s.

werewolf moon

WEREWOLVES transform from human into WOLF under the full MOON, and are vulnerable to SILVER.


As mentioned prior, the sign of CANCER also rules the WOMB, thus the reason why we find WIIG playing roles having to do with PREGNANCY and CHILDBIRTH.

WIIG played Drew BArrymore on SNL in a sketch entitled, “Bein’ Quirky with ZOoey Deschanel.” In this sketch, Abby Elliott (ZOoey) asks Drew if she has a “BUN IN THE OVEN,” to which she replies with “Come on, ZOoey. You know I’m not one to conceive and tell. But just in case, I do have some great ideas for BABY names.”Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel SNL Kristen WiigBein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel SNL Kristen WiigSpeaking of ZOOs (ZOOey), WIIG will be co-starring in the upcoming ZOOlander 2 sequel (come 2016). The only thing that’s been released is HER character’s name, and that HER character is in cahoots with ZOOlander villain MUgatu.<–(**Save the MU/MOO for later!!**)

Kristen Wiig Zoolander 2

WIIG plays “Alexanya Atoz” in the upcoming ZOOlander 2.

Will Ferrell Mugatu

Will Ferrell plays the villainous MUgatu in the ZOOlander films.

WIIG stars as “MiNdy (MOONdy) Elise Grayson,” who’s the “password spoiler” on the game show/SNL sketch entitled, “Secret Word.” She plays the role of a WASHED UP BROADWAY actress. CRABS WASH UP on the shore. Just before WIIG‘s character is introduced, Bill Hader’s character (“Lyle Round”), mentions he disposed of his WIFE‘s BIRTH CONTROL PiLLSSecret Word SNLI have yet to mention why the creators associate BROADWAY with Kristen WIIG. This is because it represents the FEMININE or the GA[Y]TeWAY<–(**Save this for later!!**) to the VAGINA, the BROADWAY, or the BIRTHing center. A BROAD is also a slang term for a FEMALE. The BREASTS, ruled by CANCER, are protected by the BRAs WOM(MOM)en wear<–BRA-d-way. Secret Word SNLThis is why the “secret word” is CANAL, as in BIRTH CANAL. MiNdy Elise Grayson mistakes the word “CANAL” for “ANAL.” Secret Word SNL Kristen WiigSecret Word SNL Kristen WiigIn another episode of “Secret Word,” Lyle Round (Hader/Hades) mentions his WIFE was at a BRA burning. He says, “When he gets HOME, he better not smell BRA SMOKE.” Secret Word SNL Kristen WiigSecret Word SNL Kristen WiigThe other “Secret Word” celebrity playing alongside MOONdy Elise Grayson is named TITsy. Secret Word SNL Kristen WiigThe “secret word” looks like CRAB, but it is GRAB. While describing the word, Taran Killam’s character mentions the words “climbing,” (CRABS climb rocks) “swim,” (like FISH do), and “HAIR.”Secret Word SNL Kristen WiigWhen Lyle Round (Hader) is about to cut to a commercial, he promotes a BABY GATESecret Word SNL Kristen WiigThis time the “secret word”really is CRAB!Secret Word: Robert Cansadas SNL Kristen Wiig Secret Word: Ricardo Cansadas Kristen Wiig SNL A DRAPE is a HOME furnishing. Screen shot 2015-05-18 at 8.35.04 PMWe recently learned about KARkinos, the CRAB HERA sent to bite the foot of HERAcles. CARCINoMA (CARSIN-o-MA<–MOTHER) is a type of CANCER. CARCINoMA comes from the Greek word for “CRAB,” which is “KARkinos.” cancer karkinos

WIIG played “Judy Grimes” on “Weekend Update with Seth Meyers” on SNL. In this piece, WIIG‘s character represents HATHOR, the Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of LVE and MOTHERhood. She is the Greek equivalent of APHROdite, and the Roman equivalent of VENUS. HATHOR is commonly depicted as a COW goddess, as well as a SKY goddess with HORNS. HER son, Horus, was considered to be “HOUSEd” in HER. The reason she represents HATHOR in this bit is because she continues to say “JUST KIDDING,” as in “HAHA, JUST KIDDING.” HER character mentions DAIRY, CHEESE, and COWs often. There’s a myth that the MOON is made of CHEESE, and that the COW jumped over the MOON.

HERA, too, was associated with CATTLE, as she was also known as a type of COW-goddess. HER familiar Homeric epithet BOÔPis, is translated “COW-eyed.” HERA bears some resemblance to the Ancient Egyptian deity, HATHOR, a MATERNAL goddess associated with CATTLE.

In this sketch, WIIG‘s character, Judy Grimes BLINKS<–(**Keep the BLINKING in mind for later!!**) her eyes often, almost resembling the animated cartoon character BETTY<–(**Save BETTY for later!!**) BOOP. Take note how the word/letter “BET” is in BOOP‘s name. Flip the “P” in BOOP to a “b,” and we get BOOb, part of the BREASTS.

Weekend Update Judy Grimes Kristen Wiig SNL

WIIG as “Judy Grimes,” as guest on “Weekend Update with Seth Meyers.” HAlf and HAlf.

Weekend Update Judy Grimes Kristen Wiig SNLWeekend Update SNL Judy Grimes Kristen WiigWeekend Update Judy Grimes Kristen Wiig SNLThen WIIG‘s character does HER best Macaulay Culkin impression from “HOME Alone.” In the film HOME Alone, Kevin is left all by himself via his PARENTSWeekend Update Judy Grimes Kristen Wiig SNLWeekend Update Judy Grimes Kristen Wiig SNL

Weekend Update Judy Grimes Kristen Wiig SNL

WIIG‘s character, Judy Grimes blinks HER eyes often.

Speaking of CHEESE and HATHOR, “The LAUGHING COWCHEESE brand comes to mind.

The Laughing Cow cheese

I LOVE how the COW is wearing CHEESE EARrings. TAURUS rules the ears.


HAthor, goddess of the SKY, LOVE, beauty, joy, MOTHERhood, foreign lands, mining, MUsic and FERTILITY.

cow moon cheese

The COW jumped over the MOOn made of CHEESE.

Betty Boop


Betty Boop blinking eyes gif

In a sketch entitled “Double Date” on SNL, WIIG and Cecily Strong play flirty, older WOMEN on a double date in a resTAURant with a couple of sixth-graders. WIIG and Strong’s characters order the SEA BASS–a type of FISH. WIIG‘s character tells their dates that they are lucky because they have all their HAIR (HERA), more than she can say for HER EXHUSBAND. Strong’s character admits she never liked WIIG‘s character’s EXHUSBAND–a man who got drunk and beat up WIIG‘s character’s BOSs. If you have read my post entitled, “Who’s the BOSs?: Even MO[O]re Taurus codes!,” I mention that BOS,” or “BOS TAURUS” is the genus of wild and domestic CATTLEWIIG is on a date with BO[O]BbY MO[O]yNihan. He admits his bEARTHday, which WIIG‘s character figures out to be the zodiac sign of TAURUS–an EARTH sign. After this is admitted by MO[O]yNihan’s character, the waiter asks the taBULL if they can keep the noise down, but then precedes to say he is “JUST KIDDING,” followed by a few “HA HA HA‘s.”Double Date Kristen Wiig SNLDouble Date Kristen Wiig SNL Double Date Kristen Wiig SNL Double Date Kristen Wiig SNLWIIG‘s character jokes around with Strong’s character by calling HER a “FEMALE Urkel” from the 90’s TV sitcom “Family MATTERs.” “MATER” is another word for MOTHER. This sketch was aired especially for MOTHER‘s Day, which takes place under the sign of TAURUS–the BULL. Double Date Kristen Wiig SNLDouble Date Kristen Wiig SNL Double Date Kristen Wiig SNLDouble Date Kristen Wiig SNLThe color Pink represents the BREASTS and BREAST CANCERWIIG often sports the color Pink, just like HER character in the movie “BRIDEsmaids.” HERA/JUNO were the goddesses of MARRIAGE. HERA was most known for being the MATRON goddess, but she presided over WEDDINGS as well. JUNE is the most popular month for WEDDINGS.


WIIG (third from the right) stars in “BRIDEsmaids.” She plays the role of [N]ANN[A]ie Walker, the MAID/(MATRON) of honor. The film also stars MAYa Rudolph, and was released in MAY, another popular WEDDING MO[O]nth.


Bachelorette Party SNL Kristen Wiig

WIIG (center/the BRIDE) in “Bachelorette Party” on SNL.

breast cancer pink ribbon

NUT is the goddess of the SKY, the STARS, the SUN, the MOON, and all HEAVENly bodies in the Ennead of Ancient Egyptian religion. She was seen as a STR-covered nude woman arching over the EARTH, as a COW, or as a giant FEMALE PIG, suckling many PIGlets (representing the STARS). HER headdress was the hieroglyphic of part of HER name, a pot, which may also symbolize the UTERUS, a.k.a. “the WOMB.” NUT is very similar to the deity HATHOR.


NUT carries the sacred ANKH. 

WIIG hosted an ePisode of SNL back in May of 2013. One of the sketches she STARred in was entitled, “Aw NUTs! MOM‘s a GHOST!,” which was a faux commercial for an upcoming tween sitcom set to come out in JUNE on the Disney Channel. The show is about a MOM who became a Korean WATER GHOST, like the one from the movie “The Ring.”

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

JUNE Is when the sign of CANCER is in effect.

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen WiigWIIG (the MOM) flies high in the SKY!Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

Is that Goro Adachi?!! Hehe! 😛

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

We also find CRABS in the RIVER.

Mul gwishin are Korean WATER GHOSTS<–(**Save this for later!!**) who can be found in many places, but are said to haunt abandoned BUILDINGS, HOUSEs, cemeteries, and FORESTs, etc. NUT was seen as a COW in ancient Egyptian mythology. MOO/MU is the sound a COW makes.

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

Check out the MOONkey on the bed, and the inflataBULL ORANGE in the background. 

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

Check out the STARS just above where we see “NUTs” in this shot!

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

MOM and HOME are two symbols associated with the sign of CANCER.

Just before WIIG‘s character comes out of the television, we see a PIG on the screen.Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen Wiig

MOO/MU-v night!

In the scene below, take note of how BO[O]BbY MO[O]yNihan’s character is holding a MOONkey. Also above the bed, lie the HEAVENS, the MOON, STARS, SKY, etc…There’s a small COW in a red box next to the bed on the right, and a BULL (Piñata), as well as a HAMBURGER (comes from COWs) to the left of the bed. There is also a plush LION (underneath the window). The LION is a symBULL associated with HERA.Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen WiigAccording to Platonist and Chaldean philosophy, CANCER was known as the “GATE of Men” through which SOULS (GHOSTS) descended from HEAVEN into human bodies, or into creation. We will return to the “GATE of Men” shortly.


GUI as in Mul GUIshin.  Please note the number 28Source

Kristen Wiig SNL "Shanna's Halloween Party"

WIIG dressed as a GHOST in “Sh[N]ANNA‘s Halloween Party” on SNL.

WIIG is set to star in the upcoming film, GHOSTbusters III. The MOO/MU-v is set to be released on the last day of CANCER (JULY 22, 2016)<–7/22 or 22/7, depending on where one lives on the globe. 22/7=3.14. 2016 will be the year of the MO[O]NkeyGhostbusters IIIWIIG plays the “TARGET Lady,” on SNL, and she mentions GHOSTS.Target Lady Kristen Wiig SNLTarget Lady SNL Kristen WiigWIIG played the role of a S[T]URGEON<–(a type of FISH!) in the film “GHOST Town.” This film centers around a man who dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived minutes later, and wakes up with the ability to see GHOSTS.

WIIG in "GHOST Town."

WIIG in “GHOST Town.”

WIIG voiced “RuffNUT Thorston” in the How to Train Your DRAGON<–(**Save this for later!!**) film series 1 and 2. She and her brother TUFFNUT ride a DRAGON similar to the many-headed HYDRA that HERAcles BATtled. The DRAGON HER character trains and rides in HTTYD has two-heads, reminiscent of the GEMINI aspect. In these films, she has a fraternal TWIN (GEMINI) brother named TUFFNUT.

Ruffnut Kristen Wiig

RuffNUT Thorston, voiced by WIIG, is a teenage member part of the HAIRy Hooligan Tribe. She has a fraternal TWIN brother named TUFFNUT.

TEFNUT is the Egyptian goddess of moisture, moist air, dew, and rain. She is the mother of NUT. The character TUFFNUT from the HTTYD series is voiced by none-other-than T.J.(TJ=π/3.14) Miller, who is a GEMINI born on JUNE, 4th 1981.

Tuffnut T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller with “TUFFNUT THORston,” the TWIN brother of WIIG‘s RUFFNUT THORston.

tefnut (1)



The many-headed HYDRA that HERAcles battled is on the left. “Barf” and “Belch” is the male Hideous Zippleback (a large, two-headed DRAGON) owned and trained by TWINS, RUFFNUT and TUFFNUT on the right.

WIIG stars in “The SKELETON<–(**Hang onto this!!**TWINS,” a film resonating the sign of the GEMINI TWINS. This film wasn’t released under the sign of the GEMINI TWINS, but it was released under the sign of CAPRICORN, who rules the SKELETON and BONES. CAPRICORN is also CANCER‘s polar opposite<–(TWINS) in the zodiac. WIIG plays “Maggie,” the TWIN sister to “Milo” (played by Bill Hader). In this film, HER character takes BIRTH CONTROL PiLLS to avoid getting PREGNANT with HER HUSBAND. HER character has an AFFAIR with HER SCUBA<–(in the SEA where we find the CRAB) instructor–>PREGNANT+SEA.

The Skeleton Twins

WIIG playing a GEMINI TWIN in "Bvlgari" on SNL.

WIIG playing a GEMINI TWIN in “Bvlgari” on SNL.

WIIG is often associated with the symBULL of the BAT. BAT was another type of COW goddess in Egyptian mythology. By the time of the Middle Kingdom, HER attributes and identity were subsumed within the goddess HATHOR. The Egyptians personified the MILKy Way as a HORNed COW goddess named BAT. The name BAT derives from “BA,” translated as ‘SOUL‘–>(SOL/SUN). Adding the letter “T” feminizes the word “BA.” This is why a WOMAN has a BAT Mitzvah at the age 13. It takes the MOON              28<–(**Save the 28 for later**) days to orbit the EARTH; it makes this orbit 13 times each year. The JEWISH calendar is rooted in the cycles of the MOON. This is why the sabBATh for orthodOX Jews starts on a FRIDAY, the day ruled by VENUS, at SUNdown.


Me at my own BAT Mitzvah back in MAY of 1991<--(the year of the goat).

The auTHOR at HER BAT Mitzvah back in MAY of 1991<–(the year of the goat). This photo was taken during the FRIDAY (VENUS) night service.

In "Horse Play Soundtrack" on SNL, WIIG's character mentions BAlls and BATs.

In “Horse Play Soundtrack” on SNL, WIIG‘s character mentions BAlls and BATs.

Syncing in with the NOW, BA is the sound a sheep makes, and it is currently the year of the sheep/goat/ramba sheepRemember the “GATE of Men” I mentioned prior in this post? Well, the “GATE of Men” was otherwise known as the “SILVER GATE.” The SILVER GATE is located between the HORNS of TAURUS, the BULL, who is ruled by VENUS. It is the ecliptic crossing at the GEMINITAURUS nexus, hence the reason we see WIIG playing the archetypal roles of GEMINI and TAURUS, as well. Removing the “A” from the word “BAT,” and replacing it with an “E,” gives us the word/Hebrew letter “BET.” silver gate

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the HORNS of the BULL/COW form the shape of the MOON in its CRESCENT form. We get MILK from the UDDERS (or BREASTS) of the sacred COW (TAURUS) which relates back to the MOON, ruled by CANCER. Bruce WAYNE (WANE), a.k.a. “BATman,” is named for the action of the MOON–to WANE. WANING is the PERIOD of the decrease of the MOON‘s illuminated visible surface in size and strength.

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 4.45.43 PM

WIIG (left) next to BATman (Andy Samberg) in “Commisioner Gordon.” Samberg is JEWISH.

Waxing and waning moon phase

From the FULL MOON, that displays the BATman insignia, to the [N]ew [M]OON (NM=Pi) is called WANING.

The creators of BATman use the MOON to form the silhouette of the BATman insignia. Notice how in the white areas of the logo it looks like a person’s hands are grabbing a WOMAN‘s BREASTS. There will be more BAT symBULLism throughout this post, so stay tuned.


The hands grabbing are underneath the black wings. The BREASTS are right next to the BAT‘s head and HORNS.

WIIG, along with Will Ferrell, presented the 2013 Golden Globe Award for “Best Performance by an actress in a Motion Picture or MUsical.” Jennifer Lawrence won for “SILVER Linings Playbook.” 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2013WIIG played “BARBIE” on SNL’s Weekend Update. BARBIE is a scRAM-BULLed RABBI. In JUDAISM, the RABBI is the teacher of the Torah. When JEWISH men turn 13, they become BAR Mitzvahed by reading from the Torah.

Kristen Wiig Barbie

WIIG as “BARBIE” on Weekend Update on SNL

WIIG played MiNnesota<–(**Keep this in mind for later!!**congresswoman Michele (MiSHELL) BAchmann (almost sounds like BATman) on SNL’s Weekend Update. She mentions that she is looking forward to BLINKING HER eyes for the first time since HER campaign started. Take note how WIIG is wearing a PEARL necklace, a stone associated with the sign of CANCER. The PEARL was also a sacred stone to the goddess APHROdite. Michele Bachmann Kristen Wiig SNL Michele Bachmann Kristen Wiig SNL

WIIG, as BAchmann, BLINKING her eyes for the "first time ever" since her campaign ended.

WIIG, as BAchmann, BLINKING HER eyes for the “first time ever” since HER campaign ended.

On another episode of Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, WIIG starred as flight attendant “SHELLy Elaine,” who mentions peaNUTs. Shelly Elaine Kristen Wiig Shelly Elaine Kristen WiigWIIG co-STARred alongside JASON (JULY, August, September, October, November) BATEman in the movie “Extract.” In this film, WIIG plays a HOUSEWIFE who has an AFFAIR with a guy named “BRAD,”<–(**Save this for later!!**) (BRAD is VERY close to the word CRAB if we delete the “D” and add a “C“) the POOL (WATER) boy. HER HUSBAND, (BATEman), works at and owns a factory, where one of the employees loses one of his testicles (NUTs) due to an accident. BATEman’s character gets conned by a woman named CIN(SIN)dy.

extract wiig

Take note of how the movie was released during LABOR Day, the day WOMEN give BIRTH.

The Mythology of HERA, HATHOR, NUT, the MILK, and the BREASTS:

Sue Loves Surprises

WIIG in “Sue LOVEs Surprises” on SNL showing off HER BRA.

Sue Loves Surprises Kristen Wiig SNL

Steve Buscemi’s next line to WIIG‘s character is, “God Sue, you’ve got some KNOCKERS.”

Kissing Family SNL Kristen Wiig

WIIG‘s character has HER[A] (right) BREAST squeezed in “Kissing Family” on SNL.

 The Mythology of FLORA:

In “WXPD NEWS New York” on SNL, Bill Hader’s character, “HERB,” is a reporter who is supposed to be reporting a falling ice accident from a BUILDING. He attempts to find out whether or not WIIG‘s character is a WOMAN or a man by taking his microphone and TOUCHing it on HER CHEST to locate HER BREASTS. He does the same thing with his microphone to HER GENITAL area. WXPD News New York SNLI believe”JAY“(J) here represents JUPITER. Closed-captioning makes it look like JAY, but JAY is supposed to be JACK. This character is played by Jason Sudeikis, an actor who plays other JACK/JUPITER/ZUES/JESUS resonaTORs.  WXPD News New York SNL Kristen WiigWXPD News New York SNL

WXPD News New York SNL

Bill Hader as “HERB” on SNL’s “WXPD NEWS New York.” HERB represents the magical HERB that FLORA gave JUNO, which made HER PREGNANT.

Take note of the FLOWERS in the background behind WIIG.Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 2.37.41 PM

"Garth" (Fred Armisen) and "Kat" (WIIG) on SNL's "Weekend Update" represent FLORA, and the season of reBIRTH--Spring.

“Garth” (Fred Armisen) and “Kat” (WIIG) on SNL’s Weekend Update represent FLORA and the season of rebEARTHSPRING.

WIIG STARred in “1-800-FLOWERS,” a faux commercial for a FLOWER delivery service in honor of MOTHER‘s Day on SNL.1-800-FLOWERS Kristen Wiig SNL 1-800-FLOWERS Kristen Wiig SNLWIIG plays the role of the daughter, and HER MOTHER in this sketch (played by Kate McKinnon) asks the waiter at the resTAURant if there are any NUTs in HER EGGS Benedict. NUTs obviously refer to the Egyptian deity, NUT. EGGS refer to the FEMALE OVARIES, which are connected to the WOMB.Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 2.23.53 PM1-800-FLOWERS Kristen Wiig SNLIn the same ePisode, WIIG played “Dooneese,” the odd sister in the recurring “Lawrence Welk Show” sketches. In the beginning of this sketch, we catch Jason Sudeikis’ character tanning his BREASTS at the BEACH. Then, a CRAB gets stuck onto WIIG‘s character’s bathing suit on her GENITAL area.The Lawrence Welk Show SNLThe Lawrence Welk Show SNL Kristen WiigThe Lawrence Welk Show SNL Kristen WiigThen, Dooneese (WIIG) shows us HER sand SQUIRREL<–(**Save this for later!!**) and his NUTs. She is standing right under the PALM (LAMP) tree.The Lawrence Welk Show SNL Kristen WiigThe Lawrence Welk Show SNL Kristen WiigIn the same ePisode, WIIG and Fred Armisen (Garth and Kat) wear “MOM” vests on “Weekend Update, ” in honor of MOTHER‘s Day.

On "Weekend Update" Garth and Kat sing a song dedicated to MOTHER's Day.

On Weekend Update, Garth and Kat SING a song dedicated to MOTHER‘s Day.

The “TARGET Lady” mentions she needs an ALMOND in order to gain extra energy to do a void. Although most people consider ALMONDS to be NUTs, they’re not; they’re actually called drupes. Inside the SHELL is the ediBULL seed, commonly called a NUT. We get MILK from NUTs. MILK derives from the (TAURUS) COWTarget Lady SNL Kristen WiigThe CHARIOT card in the tarot deck is associated with the astrological sign of CANCER.The chariot tarot

WIIG drives a golf cart, or CHARIOT, with MAYa Rudolph in “Super Showcase” on SNL. They are both wearing Pink!

Super Showcase SNL Kristen WiigOne of the prizes the contestant can win on “Super Showcase” is a lifetime supply of frozen CHICKEN<–(**Save this for later!!**). I believe the CHICKEN here represents another bird, or birds–the PEACOCK that pulled HERA‘s CHARIOT, or the DOVES that pulled APHROdite’s chariot.Super Showcase Kristen Wiig SNLWIIG is often associated with the sacred BULL/COW, as I had mentioned prior in this post. She plays the role of the “TARGET Lady” (TAURget) on SNL. On the dartboard, we have the cenTAUR or BULLSeye. The BULLSeye is the special logo that the store TARGET uses. In the cosmos, the BULLSeye (or TARGET) is known as Aldebaran, the giant ORANGE star located in the constellation of TAURUS, the BULL. The logo represents the BABY in the WOMB. The TAURget headquarters is located in MiNneapolis, MN (MiNoTAUR)!! The TAURget lady has a MiNnesota (MN) accent. In the photo below, notice how the “TARGET Lady” mentions how she LOVEs WEDDINGS.Target Greatland SNL Kristen WiigWIIG played Michael (sounds close to MiSHELL) Jordan on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” She not only dons a BULLS JERSEY, but she also wears a special WIG/CAP that makes HER appear BAld. In this interview, she and Jimmy together mention the “BUILDING” four times. Also, he brings up and asks HER (as MJ) about HER former career in BAseBAll. BAseBAll is played with a BAT. She mentions she has played with NBA superstar KOBE (steak/beef/TAURUS) Bryant on the court. W=23, the first letter of WIIG‘s last name. Jimmy Fallon interviews Michael Jordan Kristen Wiig Jimmy Fallon interviews Michael Jordan Kristen Wiig Jimmy Fallon interviews Michael Jordan Kristen Wiig Jimmy Fallon interviews Michael Jordan Kristen Wiig Jimmy Fallon interview Michael Jordan Kristen Wiig Slide3WIIG STARred in “Sh[N]ANNA‘s HAlloween Party” (HA-lloween=HA-thor) on SNL. There are a HAndful of symBULLS in this sketch associated with WIIG‘s archetype. Just like the CRAB and the sCaRAB, the SPiDER comes from the same phylum–ARTHROPODA. There are BATs located in the BAckground.Shanna's Halloween Party SNL Kristen WiigNotice how WIIG is wearing a revealing shirt that shows off HER BREASTS. The Greek goddesses HERA and APHROdite were associated with the sacred APPLE, hence the reason WIIG‘s character Sh[N]ANNA mentions them. Shanna's Halloween Party SNL Kristen Wiig

Shanna's Halloween Party SNL Kristen WiigWhen she sees the SPiDER, she gasps and then grabs HER BREASTS. Take note of how all three symBULLS are on the taBULL–the APPLES, the SPiDER, and the BATs. The SKELETON or BONES that are placed next to the taBULL represent the sign of CAPRICORNCANCER‘s polar opposite in the zodiac. As we learned from one of my previous posts, CAPRICORN rules the BONES. Something else that’s sync-worthy of noting is that CAPRICORN rules the HAIR, hence HERA (HAIR-ah), and the many WIGS Kristen WIIG dons. Shanna's Halloween Party SNL Kristen Wiig


The sign of CAPRICORN takes place during the month of JANuary. The sign of CANCER is in effect during the month of JUNe. There is a reason these two signs are polar opposites of one another. They both have the same couple consonants that start the word (JAN/JUN).  CANCER and CAPRICORN are called SOLstice signs. Source

WIIG‘s character, Shanna, mentions she has a hard time DIGESTING peaNUTs. As we just learned, CANCER rules the STOMACH. It also rules the alimentary CANAL, which is also known as the DIGESTIVE tract. CANCERs tend to have delicate STOMACHs and DIGESTIVE problems. Throughout this sketch, and with this particular character’s schtick in other sketches, she mentions having difficulties with DIGESTION, as well as often grabbing or touching HER BREASTSShanna's Halloween Party SNL Kristen WiigShanna's Halloween Party SNL Kristen WiigShanna's Halloween Party SNL Kristen Wiig

Please note that in the beginning of this sketch, she dons BUNNY, or RABBIt ears.

WIIG played “Karina” on “The Californians” on SNL. HER character is from Santa MO(O)Nica. In one of the ePisodes, Fred Armisen‘s character (“Stewart”/Karina’s HUSBAND) is told he has CANCER, and this is as WIIG‘s character leaves the scene MOMentarily.The Californians SNL The Californians SNL Fred ArmisenOn another ePisode of “The Californians,” Mick Jagger makes a guest appearance. He reveals he is Stewart’s FATHER, and he has just MARRIED his ex-girlfriend who is PREGNANT. After this is revealed, the camera moves to Kristen WIIG‘s face. The Californians SNLThe Californians SNLOn another ePisode of “The Californians,” Karina fakes HER death, and hides HER identity. She identifies HERself as “BRAD,” the male gardener. Then, she mentions the ROSE, a symBULL sacred to the Greek goddess APHROdite, twice. APHROdite was said to have cut HER feet on the ROSE‘s thorns rushing to the aide of Adonis. This is why WIIG‘s character is dressing up and playing the role of the male gardener. Also, this ePisode aired in MAY (TAURUS), the season that APHROdite/VENUS symBULLizes. VENUS is the planet that rules TAURUS.The Californians SNL Kristen WiigThe Californians SNL Kristen Wiig The Californians SNL Kristen Wiig

On SNL’s 40th Anniversary Special, we learn that Karina is not only having an AFFAIR with “Devin” (played by Bill Hader), but the POOL boy (played by BRADley Cooper) as well. Devin thinks Karina is PREGNANT due to him, but it is the POOL boy who has IMPREGNATED HER. Remember when I mentioned the POOL boy’s name from the film “Extract’s” name was “BRAD” earlier in this post?The Californians SNL 40th Anniversary Special Kristen WiigWe meet Karina’s OBGYN, who reveals the FATHER of HER unborn BABY.The Californians SNL 40th Anniversary Special Kristen Wiig

Bradley Cooper Pool boy The Californians

BRADley Cooper as “the POOL boy.”

BETTY White makes an appearance, entering the Radford HOUSE. BETTY White played the role of “ROSE” on “Golden Girls.” It turns out that her character LANA (a scRAM-BULLed ANAL/LUNA) is also having an AFFAIR with the POOL boy, “Craig,” played by BRADley Cooper.

The Californians SNL Betty White

BETTY White makes an appearance at the Radford HOME.

WIIG co-starred in the movie “Adventureland,” as an aMUsement PArk manager named PAulette (Flip the “P” to a “B” to get “BA“) MARRIED to “BO[O]BbY” (Bill Hader). In the beginning of the film, BO[O]BbY mentions the Kentucky Derby as he is standing next to WIIG‘s character. The Kentucky Derby takes place annually, on the first Saturday in MAY. This event coincides with FLORALIA<–(which we will cover again shortly), and MOTHER‘s Day–two events which bring to mind the symBULL of SPRING and FLOWERSAdventureland Kristen WiigEm,” (played by Kristen Stewart), one of the main characters in the film’s MOTHER passed away due to CANCER. She is replaced by HER stepMOTHER, who wears a WIGAdventureland Kristen WiigEm’s MOTHER lost HER HAIR due to cheMOTHERapy Adventureland Kristen WiigIn one scene, WIIG‘s character tosses a BAT to HER HUSBAND BO[O]BbY.Adventureland Kristen Wiig The character “James” (played by Jesse Eisenberg) mentions the BREAST.Adventureland Kristen Wiig We see WIIG‘s character pasting googly eyes onto a plush BANAN[N]A.Adventureland Kristen Wiig Adventureland Kristen Wiig Just before James approaches PAulette (WIIG) and BO[O]BbY, he passes by the games called “MERMAID‘s<–(comes from the SEADREAM“<–(**Save this for later!!**), and “MILK Toss.” WIIG‘s character then mentions she needs to turn off all the LIGHTS (LAMPS).

Adventureland Kristen Wiig

The MERMAID‘s DREAM booth dons a FISH on its side

Adventureland Kristen Wiig Adventureland Kristen WiigWIIG co-stars in the film ANKHorman 2: The Legend Continues. This film highlights the MOTHER/CANCER archetype. WIIG plays “CHANI,” an eccentric GNN office worker who falls in LOVE with BRICK Tamland (played by Steve Carell). In the Despicable Me films, Steve Carell lends his voice to the character “Gru,” WIIG‘s (“Lucy’s) LOVE interest. We find the name CHANI in the drug name CHANtIx, the sketch WIIG played in on SNL. CHANI is also an anagram for CHINA.Despicable Me movie poster

This film is a sequel to the first Anchorman (ANKH-orman) movie. Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell) is a NEWS reporter. NEWS = North, East, South, West.Nut

Anchorman 2 Chani Poster Kristen Wiig

WIIG/HERA/NUT/CHANI standing on top of BUILDINGS. The HELIcopter represents the ancient Egyptian city of HELIopolis, and where NUT‘s creation story began. NUT was originally the goddess of the nighttime SKY, but was eventually referred to as simply the SKY goddess. This is why CHANI is looking up into the SKY.

In the beginning, the setting is the “Big APPLE” (NYC).  We meet rapper “DRAKE,” who plays a character who makes a reference about Christina APPLEGATE‘s character’s BUTT. DRAKE means DRAGON,” and the Loch Ness Monster is a type of WATER DRAGON. A “CHAMP” is a similar animal. In this film, one of the main characters (played by David Koechner) is named CHAMP Kind.

Then, Ron Burgundy states something about an exposed BREAST just as we see a shot of a WOMAN‘s BREASTS.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

David Koechner’s name flashes in an opening scene of the MOO-v, just as Ron Burgundy mentions the BREAST. Koechner’s character, CHAMP Kind, is the owner of a CHICKEN resTAURant that sells BATs disguised as fried CHICKEN to cut down on costs. As we learned previously, the Egyptian COW goddess BAT was remarkably similar to HATHOR (or NUT), a parallel goddess from Lower Egypt who was associated with the MILKy Way. COWs produce MILK from their UDDERS, or BREASTS.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesThen, Ron Burgundy randomly mentions the BAT Mitzvah.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesWhen Burgundy gets canned, he takes a job at SEAWorld, a place that features performing DOLPHINSAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues

"Mammal" derives from the Latin word, "mamma," meaning "BREAST," or "MOTHER." Mammals produce MILK from their BREASTS.

“Mammal” derives from the Latin word, “mamma,” meaning “BREAST,” or “MOTHER.” Mammals produce MILK from their mammary glands, or BREASTS.

Ron Burgundy then gets canned from his job at SEAWorld, so he decides to hang himself from a LAMP.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesThey eat at a diner called “SILVER Skillet.”Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesRon Burgundy makes a visit to CHAMP Kind’s fried CHICKEN resTAURant. When a customer complains about finding a used BAnd-Aid in his food, CHAMP Kind takes a BAseBAll BAT, and threatens to hit him with it. The resTAURant is also BAseBAll-themed. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Then, we meet Brian Fantana (played by Paul Rudd), a famous cat photographer. In the scene below, Fantana shows off a photo of a cat in a FISH bowl with a caption that reads, “I hate MO[O]Ndays!” While explaining how he felt while shooting the cat in the photo below, he mentions CHILDBIRTH.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesEarlier in this post, I mentioned something about the ORANGE being referred as the GOLDEN APPLE. Ron Burgundy mentions how one time they threw BRICK off the GOLDEN GATE Bridge during EASTER. BRICK then mentions a DREAM he had about an ORANGE tree that had BABIES on it instead of ORANGES. BRICK also mentions how he ruptured his PANCREAS.

The holiday EASTER was named for the Akkadian, Assyrian, and BABYlonian goddess of FERTILITY, LOVE, war, and SEXISHTAR<–(English pronunciation /ˈɪʃtɑːr/Transliteration: IŠTAR). In the BABYlonian pantheon, she “was the divine personification of the planet VENUS.” She is the counterpart of the Sumerian goddess INANNA. She’s called the COW of SIN (a MOON god). This is the reason the holiday EASTER is mentioned a couple of times in this film. HER Roman analogue is VENUSHER Greek counterpart is APHROdite, and HER Egyptian counterpart is HATHORAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesCANCER is the sign of DREAMS.

The Target Lady Kristen WiigSteve Carell’s character (BRICK Tamland) mentions something about the time he was born and coming out of the VAGINA (WOMB). This is not only a reference to the sign of ScorPio, (because it rules the SEX organs), but it’s also reminiscent of the sign of CANCERAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesThe scorPion is from the same phylum (ARTHROPODA) as the CRAB, the sCaRAB, and SPiDER.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAs the crew is traveling back to NYC (the “Big APPLE“), a billboard with Christina APPLEGATE‘s character is on it.  Screen shot 2015-05-08 at 4.04.31 PM Screen shot 2015-05-08 at 4.05.31 PMJust before BRICK meets CHANI (WIIG) for the first time, he says, “I ain’t afraid of no GHOST.”Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesHe tells HER[A] he likes HER HAIR.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Brick and CHANI meeting for the first time.

BRICK and CHANI meeting for the first time.

Shortly after they meet, CHANI gets into it with HER BOSs, and tells HER she is PREGNANT, when in fact she is not. According to the myth, HERA is known to have given bEARTH without having intercourse. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesRon Burgundy takes an APPLE from the APPLE tree, just before entering the HOME of Christina APPLEGATE (Veronica Corningstone). He then enters the ISHTAR GATE–a GATE made of LAPIS LAZULI BRICKs. One of the main characters in this film is named BRICK. The 551 on the steps = 11, when added together. 11 is the number that represents the GATE, passing through the 1’s. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Ishtar Gate Anchorman 2**Save the LIGHTHOUSE (underlined below in the pic) for later!!**

Married with Children synchromysticism

The theme song to the hit sitcom of “MARRIED with CHILDREN” (starring Christina APPLEGATE) starts off with “LOVE and MARRIAGE.” In ancient Greece, the APPLE tree was associated with LOVE and MARRIAGE.


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Take note of how Christina APPLEGATE is wearing a BLUE dress. LAPIS LAZULI is a hue of BLUE. BLUE is the color that represents TAURUS.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

That’s the GA[Y]TeWAY…the FEMININE opening.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesEASTER/ISHTAR/INANNA is mentioned again.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAPPLEGATE hosted SNL a few years ago, about five months after WIIG left the show for good. She starred in an ePisode of “The Californians: WEDDING” subbing in WIIG‘s place, and played the role of APRHOdite/VENUS/ISHTAR. Not only does she have a SHOPPING addiction, but HER character is planning on get MARRIED to Stewart. SHOPPING = TAURUS energy, because the BULL rules the second HOUSE of possessions and MO[O]Ney, and likes material things, and CHARGING ¢redit ¢ard$. The two women (APPLEGATE and WIIG) play alongside each other, as well as similar archetypes in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

APPLEGATE on the left plays the role of "BRIE" on "The Californians." BRIE is a type of CHEESE that comes from the TAURUS COW.

APPLEGATE (left) plays the role of “BRIE” on “The Californians.” BRIE is a type of CHEESE that comes from the TAURUS COW.

When meeting CHANI for the second time, BRICK tells CHANI (WIIG/HERA) that he never needs a HAIRcut. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesA BEARD made of LAPIS LAZULI?!?! Either that, or this scene is a representation of the full GROWn BEARDed god HERAcles at HERA‘s BREAST, because the next scene has WIIG exposing her (right BREAST). Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen WiigAfter CHANI gets into it with HER BOSs again, she is seen with a torn dress, revealing HER BRA, and (right) BREAST.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen WiigBrian fANtANa (a scRAM-BULLed NAN[N]A; character played by Paul Rudd) reports a series he created about the VAGINA from the original version of the film. From the Super-Sized version, Fantana mentions BREAST implants. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen WiigThe head of LETTUCE BRICK eats in the following scene has to do with the myth of HERA being IMPREGNATED by a head of LETTUCE. HERA resided on Mount OLYMPUS, hence the reason BRICK mentions the OLYMPICS. LETTUCE is also a plant associated with the MOON, according to medical astrology. LETTUCE sounds like LOTUS, a flower that blooms in WATER, and represents FERTILITY. The LOTUS flower is connected to the Lily, which is also connected to the goddesses JUNO/VENUS/APHROdite.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen Wiig

Fantana admits he gave Sheena Easton CRABSAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesBRICK tells his friends he has a date with CHANI, so they present to him some condoms. One of the brands they present to him is called, “CLAM Dam.” The reason CLAMSOYSTERS, and SCALLOPS are said to be APHROdisiacs is because they are symBULLS of the goddess APHROdite. The bEARTH of VENUS was one of Botticelli’s most famous works, depicting the Greek Goddess APHROdite rising from the foam of the SEA on a SCALLOP SHELL.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

1920's Party SNL Kristen Wiig In the original version of the film, BRICK is shown another type of condom called “The Rigid GHOST.” In the Super-Sized version, when BRICK cannot see himself on the green screen, he announces that he is a GHOST. These two scenes coincide with one another, so both versions mention the GHOST around the same time. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman 2 Jack Lime


Screen shot 2015-05-09 at 8.22.01 PMRon Burgundy mentions The BEATLES/(BEETLES) BUILDING.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesBRICK (CHANI/WIIG‘s) LOVE interest likes BUTTer! BUTTer derives from the COW.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAs BRICK and CHANI SING a LOVE song to one another, he mentions symBULLS associated with WIIG‘s archetype like the BUNNY, the RABBIT, and the     SQUIRREL<–(that produces NUTs). These symBULLS are associated with SPRING and rebEARTH. The BUNNY and RABBIT come from the same family as the HARE<–(HAIR-ah/HERA)–a symBULL associated with the goddess APHROdite, as well. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen Wiig Then, CHANI does HER impersonation of a BUNNY.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen WiigAs CHANI and BRICK kiss, she MOONS the camera.  Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen WiigWhen Ron Burgundy takes his son out for a walk, his son (“WALTER“) asks his FATHER if he likes SPiDER-Man. WALTER thinks there’s a GHOST hiding in his closet, but Ron Burgundy assures his son that there’s no such thing as GHOSTS.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Julie Taymor Kristen Wiig Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesHe also assures his son that there are no TREE WEREWOLVES. A LYCAN is similar to a WEREWOLF. LICHEN (pronounced, and almost spelled the same way) is a type of fungus that grows on TREEs. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

In the next scene, the narraTOR alludes that it’s the year 1980–the Chinese year of the MOONkey. As Ron Burgundy is reporting the NEWS, a caption on the bottom of the screen reads, “WOMAN gives BIRTH…”. Then, another caption comes across the screen mentioning a MOON landing. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen WiigAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesBurgundy MO[O]ves to the LIGHTHOUSE with APHROdite/VENUS/ISHTAR/APPLEGATE I had mentioned earlier to “save for later.”Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues This just in … As I’m writing this post, the NEWS article below has just surfaced.

And now we know why this NEWS (article below) story surfaced under the sign of TAURUS (MAY 8, 2015). TAURUS/VENUS/APHROdite/ISHTAR

We see Burgundy rolling his hand around on an ORANGE, right in front of a bowl of APPLESAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesSecret Word: Ricardo Cansadas Kristen Wiig SNL APHROdite/VENUS/ISHTAR/APPLEGATE shows off HER CLAMS.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues When Burgundy gets upset with APPLEGATE, he smashes a LAMP on the floor of their HOME. Take note of the SHELLS in the background in the photo below, the ones sacred to APHROdite. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesCHANI welcomes back Burgundy by announcing that she and BRICK are going to have a BAby. Please take note of the Welcome BAck sign in the BAckground. It only exposes the ‘BA‘ in the word BAck. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAPHROdite/VENUS is associated with SWEET things, like SUGAR.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen Wiig

The Spoils of Babylon Kristen Wiig

WIIG‘s character (SIN/CYNthia MO[O]reHOUSE) reaching for something SWEET in “The Spoils of BABYl[i]on.” Take note of the APPLE and ORANGE in the photo!

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Kristen WiigAPPLEGATE mentions NANAAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesA Piece of Pi:

The 14th letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet is Nun (נ), which has a numerical value of 50. The 13th letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet is Mem (מ), which has a value of 40. MN=13.14/Pi. In the photo below, take note how the temperatures read 50° and 40°. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesIn the bottom left-hand corner of the photo below, we see 90°. When we add 40+50=90. The Hebrew letter Tsade (צhas a numerical value of 90. Nun means FISH, Mem means WATER, and Tsade means FISH hookAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues In the next scene, we see Burgundy running through the streets of the Big APPLE on his way to his son’s Piano recital, passing taxi number 227. Not only is 22/7=3.14/Pi, but it is also the very last day of CANCERAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues BRICK mentions MO[O]re SPiDERs.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues BRICK (CHANI/WIIG‘s LOVE interest) tells Jack LIME that his MOM is going to pick him up and take him HOMEAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues Harrison Ford’s<–(4D) character shows up at the end of the film, eventually morphing into a WEREWOLF after he mentions the MOON. In real life, Harrison Ford is MARRIED to CAL[L]ISTA FlockH[E]ART, hence why the creators have him mention the MOON and turn into a WEREWOLFAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Harrison Ford and CAL[L]ISTA FlockH[E]ART.

Harrison Ford and CAL[L]ISTA FlockH[E]ART.

Kanye West (a.k.a  Yeezus/a JC resonaTOR) makes an appearance pointing his JUPiTER finger. He is not only wearing a shirt that features a WOLF and a FULL MOON on it, but after seeing Mack Tannen (4D) morph into a WEREWOLF, he also mentions Michael Jackson–the JUPiTER MOONwalker. Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesMichael Jackson Thriller MoonwalkerTowards the end, Burgundy meets the GHOST of Stonewall Jackson. Guess he believes in GHOSTS now? The GHOST of Stonewall Jackson is played by another JESUS Christ resonaTOR John C. Reilly. When Burgundy asks him if he dwells in HEAVEN, his character explains the esoteric symBULLism of the GATE of Men, and the GATE of god/HEAVEN.Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Now we know why they call it the PEARLy GATEs of HEAVEN. It’s because CANCER is associated not only with the GATE of HEAVEN, but the PEARL is one of CANCER‘s symBULLS as well. John C. Reilly resemBULLS the SUN, and the GATEs of both–GATE of Men and the GATE of HEAVEN.

This is why the GHOST (JC Reilly) attempts to consume Burgundy’s SOULAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesThe scene where WIIG‘s character consumes her son’s science teacher’s SOUL in the SNL sketch, “Aw NUTs! MOM‘s a GHOST,” is a parallel to the above Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues scene. Aw Nuts, Mom's a Ghost SNL Kristen WiigThe narraTOR says, “It was the NUT flush,” just as we see Burgundy holding his son up towards the HEAVENS. This scene is a depiction of NUT, the Egyptian goddess of the SKY. Take note how NUT is held up (by Shu and the ram-headed Heh deities) by HER WOMB region and BREASTS.

This scene is also a depiction of the goddess APHROdite. Notice how it's transposed over the BEACH. If you remember, APHROdite was a goddess associated with the SEA, as well as the HEAVENS.

This scene is also a depiction of the goddess APHROdite. Notice how it’s transposed over the BEACH. If you remember, APHROdite was a goddess associated with the SEA, as well as the HEAVENS.

At the end of the film, CHANI and BRICK get MARRIED on the BEACHAnchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesThere are MANY more codes from Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues that I left out because I was trying to stay relevant. However, I MAY follow up with a future blog post that contains the info I omitted.

TURTLES and the sign of CANCER:

Target Lady SNL Kristen WiigTarget Lady SNL Kristen Wiig

Glycolic acid = SUGAR!

Glycolic acid = SUGAR!

WIIG played HARRY (HAIRY) Styles as a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”  kristen wiig harry stylesIn a recent episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” WIIG dressed up as “Khaleesi” from”Game of Thrones.” In this interview, she not only appeared with a DRAGON resting on HER shoulder, but she also mentioned HER BREASTS, and touches them. She also mentions she lives in a FOREST.Kristen Wiig Khaleesi Jimmy FallonWIIG appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in an interview entitled, “Kristen WIIG‘s Awkward First Date.” In this piece and interview, she double-books a date that coincides with HER interview with JK. HER date mentions his MOM lives with him. HER date ends up being escorted out towards the end of the interview. He then sends HER a text of his BUTTHOLE<–(ANAL).Kristen Wiig's Awkward First Date Jimmy Kimmel Kristen Wiig's Awkward First Date Jimmy Kimmel WIIG was a guest on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” During this interview, Meyers presents a picture based on a t-shirt the SNL crew designed featuring all of HER character’s WIGs from that show. Kristen Wiig Late Night with Seth MeyersA wire, which resemBULLS a BRA strap, slips out from HER dress.Kristen Wiig Late Night with Seth Meyers Kristen Wiig Late Night with Seth Meyers Kristen Wiig Late Night with Seth Meyers HERA resided high above the CLOUDS on Mount OLYMPUSKristen Wiig Late Night with Seth MeyersWIIG stars in the MOO-v “Welcome to Me” (in theaTAURs now!), a comedy-drama about a mentally ill LOTTERY winner who, with HER winnings, BUYS HER own television TALK show. This film was released under the sign of TAURUS (on MAY Day/MAY 1st), and contains symBULLS associated with the sign and a percentage of WIIG‘s archetype. LOTTERY/BUYing stuff=MO[O]Ney, or TAURUS energy. TALKing is done with our THROATs–the part of the body TAURUS rules.

In the MOO-v poster below, WIIG is featured with a SWAN, a sacred symBULL associated with APHROdite. In the film, HER characTAUR requests to ride in on a SWAN on HER own TALK show.Welcome to Me movie poster